01:49 GMT +318 August 2018
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    • Darkroom Technician From Cairo, Egypt
    • Neon Sign Maker from Hong Kong
    • Gnomonist (Sundial Specialist) From Italy
    • Water Vendor in Nairobi, Kenya
    • Street Clerk From Columbia
    • Elevator Operator From Brazilia
    • Gas Lamp Lighter Engineer From London
    • Marionette Maker From Egypt
    • Shoe Repairman From Lebanon
    • Indian Rickshaw Puller From Kolkata
    • Uruguayan Clockkeeper of Montevideo's Cathedral
    • Perfumer and Shop Owner in Serbia
    • Fixer of Kerosene Cookers in Gaza City
    • French Projectionist in Paris' Cinema
    • Ear Cleaner From Bangladesh
    © AFP 2018 / Amir Makar
    Mohamed el-Maymony, a 38-year-old Egyptian darkroom technician, who also works as a local photojournalist, is one of the few remaining dark room technicians. He develops black-and-white and colour transparency slide film in Cairo's downtown for photography practitioners and enthusiasts.

    Owners of video rental stores and exotic ear cleaners from Bangladesh have one thing in common: their services may soon be rendered obsolete.

    As tech progress and societal development gains pace, some jobs drastically change or completely disappear. Humanity has already had to say goodbye to milkmen, phone operators and ice cutters for the better or worse.

    More such disappearances are to come, as the list of endangered and rare skills has significantly grown. Ahead of May Day, Sputnik has picked photos of those who may reconsider their job choice now, but still remain loyal to their professions despite all odds. Some of them are the last of their kind.


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