12:30 GMT +324 September 2018
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    Russian astronaut Oleg Artemyev shares his space experience with 192 thousand followers of his Instagram account. Have a look at our mother Earth from his point of view.

    Ahead of the anniversary of the first manned space flight, celebrated on April 12, Sputnik has picked the crème de la crème of our Milky Way and other galaxies for March's news update.

    This March has become a busy month for space explorers and scientists. A Soyuz rocket launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, discoveries of new space objects and stunning shots of those we already know are in Sputnik's gallery.

    READ MORE: 'Scientists Around the World Trying to Solve Space Debris Problem' — Astronomer


    Space Maid: Robot Harpoon and Net System to Attempt Space Cleanup
    No Space for Partnership: Analyst Predicts Dark Future for ISS Joint Project
    Space Bees: Expert Explains NASA's Idea to Send Swarm of Robots to Mars
    'Scientists Around the World Trying to Solve Space Debris Problem' - Astronomer
    SpaceX Completes Fifth Launch in Mission to Send Telecom Satellites Into Orbit
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