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    • Post Card View of Kizhi
    • Belyayev's House From Village of Kubovskaya
    • Kizhi's Winter Landscape
    • Chapel of Transfiguration of Christ
    • Oshevnev's House From One of Kizhi's Villages
    • Chapel of Michael Archangel
    • Three Main Churches of Kizhi
    • Windmill From 19th Century
    • New Life for Church of Transfiguration
    • New Domes Ready to Top Old Church
    • Oldest Church of Resurrection of Lazarus
    • Sun over Edessa Chapel
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    The iconic view of Kizhi with the Church of the Intercession of Holy Mary, the bell-tower and the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior

    300 year-old wooden churches from a distant island in the Russian north are not that easy to get to, but those who have seen them swear they are impossible to forget. Hollywood stars and thousands of tourists from all over the world confirm! Sputnik has picked up the poster-images of Russia's architectural wonder.

    The open-air museum of Kizhi Island in Lake Onega in Karelia has made it not only into the UNESCO list of world Heritage sites but also into the hearts of tourists from all over the world who were not afraid of a long and complicated journey. Two churches, a bell tower and a fence, built without a single nail in the 17th century, have become a poster-image of the Russian north and a shooting sight for a hit Hollywood movie. Take a look at the breathtaking view of Kizhi in winter.

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