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    a BM-27 self-propelled multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) launching its salvo during artillery drills with the 5th Combined Army at the Sergeevsky range in Primorsky Krai region in Russia's Far East.

    On Sunday, Russia marks Missile Forces and Artillery Day, a holiday dedicated to artillery troops. In honor of the celebration, Sputnik has collected a gallery of the deadliest, most accurate and most interesting artillery systems in the arsenals of Russia's Armed Forces.

    Artillery units have been used by Russia's military since the 14th century, making them one of the oldest branches in the armed forces. Artillery has been used widely and effectively over many centuries, including the many wars fought during the Imperial and Soviet periods. During World War II, the then newly created multiple launch rocket systems were a particularly effective weapon in the war against Nazi Germany, with the legendary Katyusha rocket artillery system proving extremely deadly against the Axis on the Eastern Front. The USSR continued to build and expand its technical know-how and military doctrines behind the WWII-era systems well into the Cold War, with Russian military designers carrying the torch forward into the present day.

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