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    Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'

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    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    • Hey, Let's Get Away! Seven Tiny Self-Proclaimed 'Countries'
    This micronation, situated on the territory of the Kullaberg Nature Reserve in the south of Sweden, was founded by artist Lars Vilks as an art object, where he located his abstract sculptures. In June 1996, Vilks announced the independence of Ladonia, which was to become a haven for all those who want to make art a permanent and inseparable part of their lives, in contradiction to those who turn to it from time to time.
    Ladonia has its own flag, emblem and two hymns: one is solemn and the other is… the sound of a stone falling into the water. The country, which has a population of 17,000, is ruled by a Queen and a President, the latter is elected every three years by online voting. The founder of the state, Lars Vilks, is neither the queen nor the president – and has proclaimed himself State Secretary. Despite its noble ideology, the small country turned out to be bellicose: in 2003, it declared war on Sweden and the United States, and then also on San Marino.

    When wandering around the world doesn’t lead to the discovery of a “dream country,” there’s one more option left – create your own. Check out several micronations – unrecognized yet free dwarf states scattered all over the globe.

    Micronations are small self-proclaimed entities that claim to be independent sovereign states, though not acknowledged by any official state or multinational political organization. Becoming a citizen of one of these "countries" is usually pretty easy — all you need is to fill out the questionnaire on the official website and sincerely share the views of its ruler.

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