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    • The Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque - a Sunni mosque in the center of Beirut
    • A view of the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral at Place de l'Etoile in Beirut.
    • A boy seen from the window of a house in Saida (Sidon), the third largest city in Lebanon.
    • Sidon Sea Castle, in the vicinity of the city's harbor in the Lebanese city of Saida (Sidon).
    • Women seen in the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque in Beirut.
    • A view of the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, also referred to as the Blue Mosque, from the outside.
    • Ancient Roman ruins in Hadiqat As-Samah (the Garden of Forgiveness) in the heart of modern Beirut.
    • The Stone of the South — a megalithic stone lying in Baalbek, Lebanon
    • Visitors seen at the museum of the temple complex in the ancient Lebanese city of Baalbek.
    • The remains of Roman columns in the Ancient Phoenician city of Tyre, also referred to as Sour.
    • Remains of the Great Altar in the temple complex of Baalbek, Lebanon.
    • A visitor takes pictures of a bas-relief with heads of lions from the roof of the Temple of Jupiter in a temple complex of Baalbek, Lebanon
    • Visitors at the Temple of Mercury in the temple complex in Baalbek, Lebanon.
    • The Temple of Mercury in the temple complex in Baalbek, Lebanon.
    • The Corniche is a 4.8-kilometer-long seaside promenade in Lebanon’s capital.
    • Ruins of the Big court in the temple complex of Baalbek, Lebanon.
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    The Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque is a Sunni mosque in the center of Lebanon’s capital. The cornerstone of the building was laid in November 2002 and the mosque was inaugurated in 2008. In the 19th century, a zawiya, or prayer corner, was built on this site and named after Sheikh Abu Nasr Al-Yafi.

    Lebanon elected a new president on Monday, ending a two-and-a-half-year political crisis. However, one aspect of the country has nothing to do with politics —the astonishing beauty of the various sights of the ancient eastern Mediterranean republic.

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