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    © Photo : Eric Pickersgill
    Angie and Me

    The idea for photo series by Eric Pickersgill came to fruition when he was staying at an artist residency in upstate New York in 2014, just a few weeks after getting married.

    The idea for photo series by Eric Pickersgill came to fruition when he was staying at an artist residency in upstate New York in 2014, just a few weeks after getting married. Pickersgill's project attempts to remind us about the power technology holds over society by depicting the addictive modern shift in an eerie way.

    "I’m not attempting to tell others what to do with their time.

    "I think 'digital detoxing' is a weird way to say that. I think calling technology 'toxic' just doesn’t add up with the reality of the thing… I do think you need to be aware of how long you are spending on your device and be deliberate about it.

    "When I approach people to make the work they tend to smile first once they hear the concept and then they realize that it’s speaking to a larger context then themselves."

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