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    • Kolomna Kremlin
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    • Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin
    • Pskov Kremlin
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    • Ryazan Kremlin
    • Russian towns. Rostov Veliky
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    • Uglich Kremlin
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    • South wall of the Gdov Kremlin
    • Vologda citizens on territory of the Vologda Kremlin
    • Tula Kremlin
    • Suzdal Kremlin
    • Zaraysk Kremlin
    • Porkhov Kremlin
    • Alexandrov Kremlin
    • Smolensk Kremlin
    • Izborsk fortress
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    The city of Kolomna was established in the 12th century. Originally, its fortifications were made of wood. Another kremlin was built from bricks in the 16th century.

    The words “Kremlin” and “Moscow” seem inseparable. The Moscow Kremlin is one of the main symbols of Russia and it attracts millions of tourists annually. However, all Russian cities used to have a kremlin, as this word means “a wooden fortress”. Sputnik guides you through the spectacular sight of kremlins all over Russia.

    The words “Kremlin” and “Moscow” seem inseparable. The Moscow Kremlin is one of the main symbols of Russia and it attracts millions of tourists annually. However, all Russian cities used to have a kremlin, as this word means “a wooden fortress” – something indispensable in the old times. Sputnik guides you through the spectacular sight of kremlins all over Russia.

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