22:57 GMT +317 February 2019
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    • Cosmonaut training on centrifuge
    • Yury Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
    • Cosmonaut training group members study space equipment
    • Cosmonauts emergency landing survival training in winter conditions in marshlands
    • Russian cosmonaut robot displayed at Cosmonauts Training Center
    • Crew of Soyuz 11 spacecraft training inside spacecraft simulator, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
    • Cosmonaut Boris Yegorov
    • At the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre
    • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits Yuri Gagarin Research and Testing Cosmonaut Training Center
    • Centrifuge at Cosmonaut Training Center
    • Cosmonaut Patrick Baudry of France
    • Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center
    © Sputnik / Alexander Mokletsov
    The center is located in Zvyozdny Gorodok (Star City) near Moscow. Russian and Soviet cosmonauts have lived and trained there since the 1960s. In the Soviet era, the location was a highly secret and a guarded military installation.
    Above: Cosmonaut training on centrifuge at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut training center, Star City.

    The Yuri A. Gagarin Research-and-Testing Cosmonaut Training Center celebrates its 55th anniversary on January 11. It is the Russian training facility responsible for training cosmonauts for their space flights. The center became the cradle of space travel, opening the way to the stars for humanity.


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