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    • Rally in Ukraine for EU integration
    • Rally in Ukraine for EU integration
    • Police clear protesters from Independence Square
    • Rally to support Ukraine's EU integration
    • EU integration supporters rally in Kiev
    • Developments in Ukraine
    • Internal security troops begin storming protester's camp on the Maidan
    • Внутренние войска начали штурм лагеря митингующих на Майдане
    • Internal security troops storm protesters' camp on Maidan Square
    • Kiev update
    • Protesters clash with police in center of Kiev
    • Situation in Kiev
    • Situation in Kiev
    • Escalating the situation in Ukraine
    • Maidan update
    • Kiev residents and municipal workers clear barricades on Independence Square (Maidan)
    • Rally in support of law on lustration in Kiev
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    On November 21, 2013, Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mustafa Nayyem posted a Facebook message criticizing the Ukrainian government’s decision earlier in the day not to sign a political and trade Association Agreement with the European Union. “Come on guys, let’s be serious. If you really want to do something, don’t just ‘like’ this post. Write that you are ready, and we can try to start something,” Mustafa wrote. About an hour later he called on his Facebook followers to “meet at 10:30 pm near the monument to independence in the center of Maidan,” and about a thousand people, including opposition journalists and politicians met on the square. On November 29, President Yanukovich officially told EU representatives in Vilnius, Lithuania that Ukraine would not be signing the EU agreement, and the protests grew to 10,000 in Kiev, with another 10,000 estimated to have come out in the western city of Lviv. Protesters shouted pro-EU and anti-Yanukovich slogans, including “Ukraine is Europe!” and “Revolution!”

    Above: Kiev university students rallying in favor of integration of the Ukraine into the European Union, November 27, 2013.

    What began as a protest movement by pro-European Ukrainians upset over President Yanukovich’s decision not to sign an Association Agreement with the EU has since turned into one of the biggest crises in Europe since the Yugoslav wars. A year on, Sputnik looks back at historic photos from the epicenter of the crisis – the Kiev Euromaidan protests.

    What began as a protest movement by pro-European Ukrainians upset over President Yanukovich’s decision not to sign an Association Agreement with the EU has since turned into one of the biggest crises in Europe since the Yugoslav wars. A year on, Sputnik looks back at historic photos from the epicenter of the crisis – the Kiev Euromaidan protests.

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