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    MOSCOW, March 1 (RIA Novosti political commentator Pyotr Romanov) - Yesterday a car driven by a suicide bomber exploded near a medical center in Baghdad. There was a queue of unemployed people applying for work in the security services. Over 100 people were killed and many wounded in a massive blast. The death toll keeps rising.

    Only the Koran was found safe in the car which was totally distorted and burned. It means that the terrorist was praying before the murder.

    Dear Lord! I read the Torah, Bible and Koran but failed to understand you. I cannot get over the fact that the Koran can be an evidence or that it is possible to use the Koran to justify the assassination of children as it was in Beslan in 2004. After this tragedy a group of Chechen theologians announced that, according to Islam, children under seven are angels.

    Being politically correct, we tried to avoid the term "Islamic terrorism", however, this is the most exact definition of the current developments in the world. Naturally, this is not the fault of Allah or the Koran but of Islamic theologians who realized too late that in dirty hands even the Holy Writ can be a weapon to kill.

    According to Russian Foreign Ministry's ambassador at large for the Organization of the Islamic Conference Veniamin Popov, "Russia assigns priority to the forthcoming adoption by Islamic theologians of a document depriving extremists of religious and ideological grounds for their crimes".

    It means that no murder can be justified by the Holy Writ, no matter if it is Christian, Judaist or Islamic.

    This is not the first attempt to explain things to those who believe in Allah fanatically but understand nothing in this. The Amman Message was published on the initiative of King Abdallah II of Jordan in late 2004. This document condemns acts of violence against civilians from the positions of Islam.

    However, this message did not reach its destination. Probably, it was read by the wrong people. Terrorists continue perpetrating violence under cover of the Koran. This is proved by the bloodiest terrorist act in Baghdad.

    Today the sacred duty of each mullah is to meet with terrorists. They should sit together and read the Koran very attentively.

    Those mullahs who do not want to do it are dirty politicians.

    Oh, Allah Almighty! If you read the Internet sites, please do talk mullahs and make them finally explain to fanatic terrorists what is written in the Koran.

    It is high time to do this!

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