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    KIEV, December 28 (RIA Novosti) - "We respect the right of Ukrainian citizens and our opponents for legal protection. However, we believe there were no objective reasons, sufficient to alter the results of elections, for filing such an appeal," announced deputy head of Mr. Yushchenko election campaign Pyotr Poroshenko at a press conference.

    He said that the major complaints of the Yanukovich team about the electoral procedures during the "third round" were related to the activities of the Yushchenko headquarters web site on Saturday and Sunday, and also to the presence of "orange-colored" symbols on the Election Day. "With objective and fair judgment, our opponent simply does not have anything substantial to present to the Supreme Court," Mr. Poroshenko insisted.

    In his opinion, "the scenario, which Yanukovich's team is trying to create is a mere attempt to save the old regime."

    On Monday, presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich, who lost the presidential race, announced his intention to appeal against the results of the "third round" in the Supreme Court.

    The candidate underlined that he did not intend to file the appeal at the Board on Civil Affairs, which had earlier nullified the results of the second round. He insisted on the hearings of the appeal conducted by the Supreme Court in its entire composition and believed that the process must be "open and transparent."

    Mr. Yanukovich accused the Central Election Committee of the fact that it prevented many Ukrainian citizens from voting. "It is a preposterous fact -- they were humiliated and not allowed to vote," the candidate announced.

    According to information presented by Mr. Yanukovich, more than 4,800,000 voters, including invalids and elderly people were not able to participate in the elections.

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