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    ASTANA, September 16 (RIA Novosti) - Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed the creation of a CIS Security Council and major reforms of other CIS bodies.

    "I propose the creation a CIS Security Council, which will comprise foreign ministers, defense ministers, the heads of the border services and law enforcement agencies," he said, addressing a session of the CIS Heads of State Council, "and to entrust the CIS Executive Committee antiterrorism center with the functions of the executive bodies."

    He said that the CIS Foreign Ministers Council should be preserved because, "it will direct the work of the Security Council."

    He added that foreign ministers would chair the Security Council on a rotational basis.

    The president stressed that it was very important that the Security Council be provided with "all necessary information for making decisions on strategically important diplomatic and military issues, above all, on combating international terrorism."

    He said that if such a reform was carried out, then the heads of state would be able to concentrate on solving really important problems.

    Speaking about the economy, he said, "the Heads of Government Council could become an auxiliary body to which the Economic Council is subordinate." Mr. Nazarbayev said, "accordingly, the Defense Ministers Council, the secretariat of the Defense Ministers Council, the headquarters for coordinating military cooperation and appropriate councils will be eliminated."

    In his speech, President Nazarbayev also proposed the elimination of the Economic Court, "an unnecessary organization," and the Inter-State Statistical Committee, whose functions would be given to the Executive Committee, which would form a statistical department.

    Mr. Nazarbayev also proposed cutting the number of personnel in the CIS Executive Committee to 140 people, instead of 220, and reducing the number of the deputies to the chairman to two. He also proposed reducing the number of the departments from 9 to 5 and defining main areas: security, economy, cooperation and humanitarian activity. The CIS Executive Committee is links the Heads of State Council, the Heads of Government Council and the Security Council.

    In his opinion, a Plenipotentiaries Council under the Security Council and the Economic Council at the level of ambassadors needed to be formed. The ambassadors will be appointed by the head of state. He also proposed the elimination of the institute of permanent representatives under the Economic Council and the Economic Commission in Moscow.

    Mr. Nazarbayev has said that he supported eliminating some of the CIS's councils and other bodies.

    He proposed that the foreign ministries elaborate documents of reforming the CIS, if the other delegates approve his initiatives.

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