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    ASTANA, September 16 (RIA Novosti) - There are no double standards in approaches to the definition of terrorism on the CIS space, Vladimir Putin said at a press conference in Astana.

    "It is important for us that there should be no double standards. This is not observed in the CIS," said the Russian president.

    In his words, he did not feel that his colleagues have alternative versions in defining the notion "terrorism." "Terrorists are bandits who under the guise of nationalist mottoes try to resolve the task that has nothing to do with what they proclaim," said Mr. Putin.

    Vladimir Putin also said that "the atrocities Russia was faced with in Beslan give us full authority to affirm that they [terrorists] are part of the international terrorist international."

    He noted the importance of double standards ruled out.

    Mr. Putin recalled that Al Qaeda terrorist organization leader Osama bin Laden has proposed truce to Europe twice in exchange for withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

    "No one intends to start talks with him," said the head of the Russian state. "It means that there are people no one negotiates with," said Mr. Putin.