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    SOCHI, May 21 (RIA Novosti) - Michael Morehart, chief of the Terrorism Financing Operations Section of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Justice Department, believes practical cooperation with Russia's security services is very important.

    Many countries faces terrorism which has become a problem of global scale. Continuous practical cooperation with Russian colleagues is, therefore, very important for security bodies around the world, Mr Morehart, who is taking part in the third international conference of security services and bodies chiefs, which is under way in Sochi (Russia's resort city on the Black Sea), told reporters.

    The FBI official believes that a considerable progress has been made in this direction of late.

    He also gave a high assessment to the demonstration hostage release operation entitled Nabat (Tocsin), which Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) held at the Sochi airport yesterday. Mr Morehart said he had been impressed by his Russian colleagues' professionalism and smart action.

    Mr Morehart believes terrorism is one of the main threats of the present day. This is a problem that cannot be resolved by any country alone.

    Mr Morehart thanked the FSB on the FBI's behalf for arranging the Sochi conference and inviting the FBI to attend it.

    The Sochi conference is an opportunity to ensure rapprochement between security services, according to Richard Proulx, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    There is a trend in Canada to merge all police services, Mr Proulx said as addressing reporters. This is a trend towards promoting utmost cooperation between different police services of a national scale, added Mr Proulx.

    The third international conference of security services chiefs is therefore an opportunity to advance their cooperation, according to the Canadian official.

    FSB has a clear vision of international security trends. It therefore undertook to hold an international forum on the problem, according to Mr Proulx.

    Mr Proulx said FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev had emphasised the need for cooperation between the Canadian and Russian security agencies and regular working meetings between them during his latest visit to Canada.

    The conference focused on more intensive information exchanges, including real time exchanges, said Mr Proulx.

    He believes this kind of information exchange will accelerate criminal investigations dramatically.

    "None of the developed and relatively safe countries is immune to terrorist attacks," Nartai Dutbayev, chief of Kazakhstan's National Security Committee, said at the conference.

    The problem of terrorism is not that acute for Kazakhstan at the moment as it is for other countries, according to Mr Dutbayev.

    "This problem is in the focus of the Kazakh leaders' attention. Relevant ministries are taking measures to deter terrorist action in the country," said Mr Dutbayev.

    The Sochi conference addressed the issues, which highlight approaches to fighting terrorism taken by security services around the world, according to Mr Dutbayev. "This conference becomes more helpful with every year," said Mr Dutbayev.