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    MOSCOW, May 13 (RIA Novosti) - The new anti-Cuban action - any way you look at it - is a glaring violation of the elementary human rights of an entire nation, Cuban ambassador in Moscow Jorje Marti Martinez told the press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

    He called the George Bush plan "a crude interference into the internal affairs of Cuba and simultaneously an encroachment on the right to independence, sovereignty and self-determination of the people of Cuba".

    The anti-Cuban policy is a reminder and a threat to all those disagreeing with the United States' dictate and not succumbing to it.

    "Our people, who have from their own experience learnt the nature of Washington's policy, are more than ever ready to oppose any actions, if need be", Jorje Marti Martinez emphasised.

    On May 6 the United States President George Bush published the report, prepared under his instructions, on measures to be taken by the American administration to strengthen democracy in Cuba and getting it rid of tyranny. The plan targets speeding up what is called "the change of regime in Cuba".

    George Bush said that the report intends such steps as the protection of dissenters and human rights in Cuba, provision of the Cuban population with alternative information through the radio station Radio Marti and the television company TV-Marti, as well as the cutting of possibilities for the Cuban authorities to use hard currency revenues from foreign tourism to back "the repressive regime".

    Reciprocating, the Cuban leadership took the decision on Tuesday to introduce emergency economic measures, particularly limiting the circulation of American dollars in Cuba, reducing trade in import goods at hard-currency shops.

    Asked by RIA Novosti, Jorje Martinez said that Cuba expects over two million tourists to come this year. At the same time, he admitted the possibility of a curtailment of the inflow of tourists, noting that the United States' action may harm the Cuban economy.

    "I believe in reason and in the world understanding the need to oppose actions from the United States", the Cuban ambassador said.

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