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    MOSCOW, April 14 (RIA Novosti) - At a sitting on Wednesday, the Federation Council has ratified by majority vote the UN Anti-Transnational Crime Convention, the additional protocols against illegal migration by land, sea and air, preventing and ending human trade.

    Presenting the document, Ilyas Umakhanov, first deputy chairman of the international committee of the upper parliamentary chamber, said that the document had been signed on Russia's behalf in December 2000.

    "The convention and the additional protocols target the promotion of cooperation in a more efficient prevention of transnational organised crime and combating it", Umakhanov said.

    The convention and the protocols broaden the universal legal base for practical interaction between the law-enforcement agencies of different countries, he said. They are the legal mechanism for the discovery, prevention and exposure of all crimes having a high degree of public danger and concerning the interests of two and more states.

    "Russia's ratification of the conventional and the additional protocols meets its national interest and will entail important foreign-policy consequences", Umakhanov said. The ratification will confirm to the international community Russia's consistency and predictability in efficient opposing present organised transnational crime and broaden the front of struggle against organised crime on a universal legal base.

    "The ratification will be the due response our state as part of the international community to the global challenge of our time - the growth of transnational organised crime", Ilyas Umakhanov said.