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    MOSCOW, April 14 (RIA Novosti) - The United States will not leave Iraq even if Bush is not re-elected for the second term and the Democrats come to power.

    This opinion was voiced on Wednesday by Victor Kremenyuk, director of the United States and Canadian Studies Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    "There is a substantial difference between the present state of the United States in Iraq and the Vietnam war. The United States does want Iraq, unlike Vietnam. Americans may censure Bush for arranging invasion of Iraq, but America is in need of Iraq and the Iraqi oil. George W.Bush understands it".

    Despite the avalanche of criticism and reproaches - from both the Democrats and the Republicans -- he will seek to display firmness and stabilise Iraq. It is his only chance", Kremenyuk said.

    If during this summer Bush stabilises Iraq, suppresses the hotbeds of resistance and Iraqi oil begins to flow into the American and world markets, he will be greatly vindicated in the eyes of Americans, Kremenyuk said.

    "The American invasion of Iraq is strongly motivated - assuming control of the main energy resources of the world found in the oil-rich Persian gulf, particularly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq", the expert noted.

    In his opinion, it is not the struggle for "mythical values", like the democratic philosophy, human rights and freedoms. "It is a quite material interest, which in principle all Americans share. The question now is - whether or not Bush can do it with least expenses. So far, he can manage it", the Russian expert summed up.

    Thus, Kremenyuk has actually made common cause with those saying that talk about Iraq's allegedly having weapons of mass destruction is only the ideological cover for the American invasion of Iraq.

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