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    MOSCOW, APRIL 6, (RIA NOVOSTI) - Konstantin Kosachev, the Chairman of the Duma international affairs committee, appeared before newsmen to tell them that the crackdown of occupation forces in Iraq undermined the settlement process.

    "The current methods of the occupation forces declaring their goal as democratic reforms in Iraq and observation of human rights is turning out to be arbitrary rule undermining prospects for any settlement," said the Duma deputy.

    "If this state of affairs persists, the re-establishment of Iraq's sovereignty scheduled for June 30 this year will just be nothing but a mere change of sets," continued Kosachev.

    "The situation is being threatened by developing into confusion and violence. In major cities swept by massive riots and punitive military response, casualties are numbered in hundreds, " he said.

    Kosachev is confident that the consequences of the unilateral use of force, undertaken a year ago in defiance of international law, are counter to those expected by its initiators.

    "Russia and many other countries used to warn about this but unfortunately, our words have remained unheard," said the deputy.

    "Having rid itself of the Saddam Hussain regime, Iraq, far from attaining stability, is doggedly turning into the breeding grounds of international terrorism. The upsetting of inter-ethnic and inter-religious balance in the country under occupation may lead to disintegration tendencies throughout the region," says Kosachev.

    He votes for thought-out decent methods of bringing the situation to normal and settling Iraq's mounting number of problems, instead of persecuting religious and public figures coning out with anti-occupation slogans.

    "Iraq settlement should meet the vital interests of the country's people who are the only ones to decided their destiny. The settlement process should be open to the wide involvement of all political and mass forces of Iraq, including those in opposition who have nothing to do with terrorists and bear no responsibility for the Saddam Hussain's crimes," said Kosachev.

    In his opinion, it is time to map up such guidelines for the settlement of Iraq's challenges which are comprehensible to the Iraqi people, have the backing of its neighbours and comply with international law.

    "To this end, all the world community should join the process of Iraq's post-war rehabilitation with a UNO leading role. It is the only way of returning peace to Iraqi soil, to give Iraqi people a chance to dignified life and prosperity," said the deputy.

    "We are urging the executive power of the Russian federation to step up action toward improving the situation in Iraq and ensuring the transfer of power to a legitimately-elected government of Iraq," concluded the head of the State Duma international affairs committee.

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