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    MOSCOW, APRIL 6. (RIA Novosti) -- The combined operative investigation group has completed work on site of attempt on the life of Murat Zyazikov, President of Ingushetia, Zinaida Tomova told RIA Novosti by telephone. She is the senior deputy prosecutor of Ingushetia (federal republic in the North Caucasus; neighbour of Chechnya).

    "Investigation work on the road from Nazran to Magas, along which the president was driving on Tuesday, is over. Experts have collected the required probes and taken them to the laboratory", Tomova said.

    She said that among the exhibits are body fragments of, most probably, suicide terrorists.

    "Supposedly, two persons were found in the car which exploded near the presidential escort. Experts are now studying the body fragments", she said.

    Tomova added that experts could not even tell the terrorists' gender.

    As a result of the life attempt on the Ingush president on Tuesday morning, six persons were wounded, Zyazikov among them. Getting slight burns, he is now back at work.

    The deputy prosecutor said that among the victims was a nine-year-old boy: getting wounds in the stomach, he has been operated on. The Ingush prosecutor's office has initiated a criminal case on three articles of the Russian Criminal Code - life attempt, illegal keeping of explosives, attempts on the life of a public servant.

    Tomova said that as a result of the blast the terrorists' automobile has been fully destroyed and an escort jeep damaged and defies rehabilitation.

    "Zyazikov's Mercedes-600 has also been damaged by the blast wave but, being an armoured car, it has been saved the president", Tomova said.

    A crater, one meter deep and 3.5 meters wide, is found on the site. Tomova could not say what the approximate yield of the bomb was.

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