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    MOSCOW, APRIL 5. /RIA NOVOSTI / -- In answer to the jurors' verdict of guilty for terrorism, Zarema Muzhakhoeva said "I'll be back and blast you all".

    Journalists were not allowed to hear the verdict. In the corridor they heard Muzhakhoeva screaming on hearing the verdict: "I didn't hate you all before now. Now I hate you and when I come back I'll blast you all".

    Zarena Muzhakhoeva, born in Chechnya, was accused of attempting an act of terrorism on July 10, 2003 near the restaurant Imbir on the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street in Moscow. Demining the bomb contained in her bag, FSB blast expert Georgi Trofimov died.

    Natalia Yevlapova, lawyer for Muzhakhoeva, told RIA Novosti that the 12 jurors unanimously found her guilty on all the incriminated articles - terrorism, manslaughter, illegal transportation and keeping of explosives. Muzhakhoeva merits no condescension, the lawyer said.

    During the debate the prosecutor asked for recognising Muzhakhoeva guilty on all the incriminated articles; the lawyer insisted on partial acquittal.

    Public prosecutor at the trial Alexander Kublyakov said Muzhakhoeva pleaded guilty on only article 222 of the Russian Criminal Code - illegal keeping and transportation of explosives. "She rejects all the other charges", he said.

    The public prosecutor recalled that she is also incriminated on article 205 (terrorism) and article 30 (preparation for crime). Muzhakhoeva is also charged on this episode - causing death from negligence.

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