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    TBILISI, MARCH 31, 2004. (RIA NOVOSTI). The parliament of Adzharia (the Georgian autonomous republic) will consider on Wednesday the holding of an open referendum in the republic on the support of "The Union of Democratic Revival" party, whose leader is Abashidze, the head of the autonomy.

    According to the initiators of the plebiscite, the referendum will be transparent - the names, surnames, the numbers of passports of citizens who took part in it and their choice will be written down in special forms.

    The holding of a referendum was proposed by the current leadership of Adzharia to determine the number of people who support "The Union of Democratic Revival" party in the republic.

    If the Adzharian parliament takes a decision to hold a referendum, the citizens of the autonomy will have the opportunity to openly say for whom they voted at the parliamentary elections in Georgia on March 28.

    "The referendum will prove that 'The Union of the Democratic Revival' received at the elections much more votes than it is reported and will determine whom the autonomy's citizens supported at the parliamentary elections in Georgia," Aslan Abashidze said in interview with the Adzharian television on Tuesday.

    Abashidze accuses the central authorities and the Central Election Commission (CEC ) of the gross violation of the current Georgian constitution and the law "On Elections". The leader of the autonomy called the preliminary registration of voters "a mechanism specially introduced to falsify the elections' returns." "The decision of the Georgian authorities to conduct a preliminary registration of voters shortly before the elections led to the reduction of the number of voters really registered in Adzharia by more than a half," Abashidze says.

    The aim of this falsification was to increase the possibility of winning for the "National Movement - Democrats" party, which supports the country's president, Mikhail Saakashvili, and create the insurmountable barrier for the opposition parties and movements to make it to the Georgian parliament, the head of the autonomy emphasized.

    "The "Revival" party took second place in the March 28 parliamentary election. In addition to Adzharia we were supported also in other regions of Georgia," Abashidze pointed out. "We are sure that the country's leaders and the CEC will not forgive us for this and will not make public this result," he added.

    According to preliminary data provided by the Georgian CEC, the count of almost 100% of the ballots by 21.00 on March 30 "The Union of Democratic Revival" party gathered 6.13% of votes, mainly due to the autonomy's inhabitants who voted for it. According to CEC data, the Abashidze party does not overcome the 7 percent barrier to make it to the parliament so far.

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