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    - 1705 - 299 years ago Peter the Great issued a Decree on the mobilization of recruits, which marked the beginning of the regular army.

    - 1711 - 293 years ago the Senate - Russia's highest state institute - was established.

    - 1814 - 190 years ago Andrei Voronikhin died (born in 1759). He was an architect, working in the Empire style; in St. Petersburg he built the Kazan Cathedral, the Mining Institute, and participated in the construction of the architectural ensembles in the suburbs of the former Russian capital - Pavlovsk and Peterhof.

    - 1884 - 120 years ago Evgennii Pavlovskii was born (died in 1965). He was a zoologist, parasitologist, Director of the Zoological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences since 1942; he created a doctrine concerning the natural pesthole origins of human diseases.

    - 1914 - 90 years ago Georgii Sedov died (born in 1877). He was a hydrographer and polar explorer, tried to reach the pole using dog teams. Sedov died near the Rudolph Island (Franz Joseph Land archipelago).

    - 1942 - 62 years ago the first performance of Dmitri Shestakovich's Seventh Symphony took place in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) besieged by the Germans.

    - 1953 - 51 year ago Sergei Prokofiev died (born in 1891). He was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor; in 1918-1933 he lived abroad.

    - 1953 - 51 year ago Josef Stalin, a statesman and politician, died. He headed the Soviet state from 1924 to 1953.

    - 1954 - 50 years ago Timur Apakidze was born (died in 2001). He was a sniper pilot, the first Russian pilot to perform a landing on the deck of a heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser; he died in an accident during an air show at the celebration of the Russian naval aviation's 85the anniversary.

    - 1999 - 5 years ago Gennadi Shpigum, Major General of Militia and special representative of the Russian Interior Ministry, was kidnapped on board of a Tu-154 aircraft at the Grozny airport. He died in Chechen captivity.

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