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    MOSCOW, March 2 (RIA Novosti) - Ksenia Ponomaryova, the head independent presidential candidate Ivan Rybkin's election headquarters, does not exclude the possibility that Mr. Rybkin may return to Moscow from London before the elections on March 14.

    "We discuss the question of Ivan Rybkin's return to Moscow every day," she said at the news conference in RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

    "At any rate, one thing is absolutely clear, on March 14 Rybkin will appear in Moscow," Ms. Ponomaryova said.

    "When political expediency will outweigh the risk in this matter, Rybkin will return," she added.

    After his five-day visit to Kiev, the circumstances of which have yet to be clarified, Mr. Rybkin decided to stay in London until the end of the election campaign. He explained to reporters that this decision was made out of consideration for his personal safety.

    Characterizing the election campaign in Russia as a whole, Ms. Ponomaryova complained that Mr. Rybkin election headquarters faced a number of difficulties.

    She especially criticized the refusal of federal television channels to show, on a free and a paid basis, Mr. Rybkin's campaign materials. In her opinion, the TV channels refused to do it because Mr. Rybkin comes out against one of the presidential candidates in his campaign materials.

    Ms. Ponomaryova said that last Friday evening Rybkin election headquarters received letters from the TV channels that said the channels refused to broadcast the material.

    One letter demanded the consent of "the person" whose image is used in the campaign commercials.

    Other letters, with reference to the legislation in force, said that the demonstration of such materials "inflicts damage on the honor and dignity of another candidate." The lawyer of the Rybkin headquarters, Yelena Lukyanova, who also took part in the news conference, spoke about her intention to get permission show the materials through the court and did not exclude the possibility of addressing international organizations.

    "The interest in Mr. Rybkin's commercials is great. The world, unlike Russia, will certainly have the chance to see them," the head of the Rybkin headquarters, Ksenia Ponomaryova, concluded.

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