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    MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 18 (RIA NOVOSTI) - We are going to launch 48N6E missiles, which are part and parcel of the S-400 Triumph SAM complex, by March 8, Anatoly Kornukov, chairman of the interdepartmental expert council for aerospace-defense issues, said here today.

    Yet another class of Triumph missiles will be test-fired next year, as well, Kornukov added.

    The S-400 SAM complex can already be mass-produced; local factories can launch its production anytime now, Kornukov added, also reminding that the 2004 state defense order called for adopting the Triumph complex.

    The Triumph might eventually become the mainstay of Russia's joint air-defense system, also serving as the main component of this country's European non-strategic ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) system, in case it's decided to deploy the latter.

    As far as its entire combat potential is concerned, one S-400 Triumph SAM complex can effectively replace three S-300PMU1 complexes; besides, it can cope with enemy ECM (Electronic Counter-Measures) and ECCM (Electronic Counter-Counter Measures) systems more actively.

    The S-400 Triumph SAM complex, which is to phase out S-300 and S-200 SAMs, can effectively destroy new-generation aerial targets, such as Stealth planes, small-size cruise missiles, as well as ballistic missiles with a combat radius of not more than 3,500 km (provided that the speed of such ballistic missiles doesn't exceed 4.8 km per second).

    The S-400 SAM complex was tested at the Kapustin Yar range in the Saratov region (the middle reaches of the Volga river) since early 1999 and well until May 2003.

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