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    Russian Foreign Minister: Moscow plays an important role in global processes

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    MOSCOW. 12 February (RIA Novosti) Foreign counterparts consider Russia to be an important player in international processes, facilitating balance in the international arena, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said, addressing the State Duma International Committee on Thursday.

    Ivanov noted that in this capacity Russia jointly with international community had been combating international terrorism, and settling other global issues, including international law development.

    "Russia is an active participant in managing the most critical global and regional problems," the foreign minister emphasized. At the same time among the aforementioned problems he singled out enforcing non-proliferation, reducing tensions, pertaining to nuclear programs, pursued by North Korea and Iran, and managing the Middle East crisis.

    The minister also stressed Russia's role in the globalization process, for instance, preparations for Russia's chairing the G8 summit in 2006.

    Igor Ivanov pointed out the mushrooming partnership between Russia and EU member-states, in particular, France, Germany, and Italy. According to him, the parties concerned have outlined the sol-called common space in the economic, legal, and security fields, which integrate Russia with Europe.

    Ivanov also noted the development of Russia-NATO cooperation and considerable changes in the Russian-US relations. According to him, the relations in question "have become more stable and predictable" due to the active political dialog at the presidential level.

    "Russia's relations with the USA are quite strong to efficiently settle emerging differences," the minister underlined. By way of example he referred to the fact that both sides had managed to prevent a crisis, when the USA had withdrawn from the ABM Treaty.

    Ivanov noted that the two countries had established certain grounds, allowing them to boost cooperation in power engineering and high technologies.

    The foreign minister singled out positive results "yielded by Russia's multi-vector policy in relations with countries of the Asia-Pacific Region." According to him, at the present time Russian-Chinese relations are at their all-time high, with the fact admitted by both Russia and China. "This result has primarily been achieved due to the fact that both sides have given up their territorial claims, as well as due to military cooperation," the minister emphasized.

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