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    MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 5, RIA NOVOSTI - A Turkish national was killed in a skirmish of Monday last, February 2, as a federal reconnaissance unit clashed with militants near the village Ersenoi in Chechnya's Vedeno district.

    The dead mercenary had on him a passport with two Georgian visas, report Kremlin PR with reference to the federal Defence Ministry.

    The man had a Kalashnikov automatic and a grenade-launcher with several rounds for each. The passport identified him as Ziya Pece, Turkish national born in Rize, 1976. Passport No. TR-K N857675, issued November 11, 1999, was valid up to November 10, 2002. The photograph in it was certainly the bearer's.

    There was a Pakistani tourist visa in the passport, issued November 24, 2000, and valid for a month, plus two Georgian visas. The one, business, issued May 25, 2000, was valid up to August 25 the same year, and has no frontier-crossing stamp. The other, for urgent entry, of May 27, 2001, to June 10, 2001, bears a stamp of frontier crossing into Georgia at the Sarpi checkpoint, May 27, 2001.

    Pece had on him a VHS cassette. The footage figured a day in a Chechen field camp of an international gang, predominantly Turkish. Pece, who shot the footage, appears in it several times addressing in Turkish militants named Ali and Abdurahman.

    Studies of numerous formal notes in the passport allow to assume that Pece was in Pakistan for short training in terrorist camps belonging to Muslim extremist organisations. The passport also reveals, that the mercenary spent close on two years in Chechnya.

    Several other foreign mercenaries recently found a violent end in Chechnya. A large militant force was destroyed near the village Serzhen Yurt, November 23, 2003, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Russian President's aide, announced at the time. Two of the bandits had Turkish identity papers on them. There were also an Algerian national, and a German. All the four had Georgian visas in their passports, point out our informants at the federal presidential information board.

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