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    MISSION CONTROL, January 31 (RIA Novosti correspondent Aleksander Kovalev) - The cargo spacecraft Progress M1-11 delivered a new flexible connecting hose for the drainage system of the Destiny module porthole.

    Sergei Puzanov, the NASA coordinator on public relations in Russia, reported that Michael Foale and Alexander Kaleri would "install it in the nearest future to replace the cracked one." He recalled that the crack in the connecting hose caused the air pressure drop on board the station in early January. Crew commander Michael Foale managed to discover the leakage location on January 11 with the help of a portable ultrasonic device. The next day he together with his Russian partner Alexander Kaleri removed the hose and placed a sealing plug instead.

    For almost two days the American Destiny module was isolated from the International Space Station to check its air tightness.

    The results of pressure measurements in various parts of the station carried out by the crew permitted specialists of the American and Russian mission control centers to conclude that there were no more air leakages on board the station.

    Prior to pressure leakage discovery, the onboard pressure was dropping at the rate of 1 millimeter of the mercury column a day.

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