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    MOSCOW, 24 January, 2004. /RIA Novosti correspondent/. - Russia gives inadequate attention to upgrading the level of headquarters personnel's training for combat operations, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said Saturday, opening a board session of the Academy of Military Science.

    Referring to operations carried out by the federal forces in Chechnya, the Minister pointed out that "inadequate attention is being given at present to training headquarters personnel for conducting combat operations. Among other things, general requirements for efficiency and flexibility of troops management have substantially risen of late".

    "Recent military conflicts revealed to us how the side which seized the initiative from the start steadily brought the operation to ultimate success," Sergei Ivanov pointed out.

    "Ability to ensure efficient real-time troops management makes up for faults in operational plans and inadequacies in combat training. Americans' success in Iraq stems, to a large extent, from their ability to ensure prompt and effective management of all their units and formations on battlefield," the Minister said.

    Sergei Ivanov cited in this connection a quotation by the great Chinese military strategist Sun Tzy: "War loves victory but hates lengthy operations"

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