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    TBILISI, January 6, 2004. (RIA Novosti) -- The leaders of the two opposition parties in Georgia - the Labor and Traditionalist parties - do not believe that Mikhail Saakashvili's victory at the January 4 presidential elections was fair.

    "I don't recognize Mikhail Saakashvili as my president. His coming to power was unfair and immoral. A day will come when this man may put an end to the country's history," leader of the Labour Party Shalva Natellashvili said at a press conference on Tuesday.

    The leader of the Georgian Laborites cannot understand how the Central Election Committee counted the votes with the result being 90 per cent for Saakishvilli, though the total number of voters is not known yet.

    On behalf of his party Natelashvili intends to appeal to the International Court in the Hague for recognizing the results of the presidential elections invalid.

    The leader of another opposition party - the Traditionalist party of Georgia - Akaky Asatiani also questions the legitimacy of Saakishvili's victory at the elections. Asatiani has also doubts about the high turnout at the elections.

    "They say that about 50 per cent of the voters took part in the elections but it is not clear how the Central Election Committee was calculating this percentage," Asatiani said at a press conference.

    Asatiani also criticised the make-up of the Central Election Commission and the precinct election commissions, which were almost fully manned by Saakashvili supporters.

    "They did not allow members of our party to attend elections in the capacity of observers," Asatiani said. And makes a conclusion: "Apparently the incumbent authorities were afraid that during the count-down of votes our observers could become witnesses of "overfulfilling the plan" in favour of Saakishvili." Nonetheless, Asatiani is ready for a compromise: "We can't rewrite the path. But we are calling for the incumbent authorities before the parliamentary elections to give up the wish of fully manning the election committees by their representatives," Asatiani said.

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