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    WASHINGTON, January 2 (RIA Novosti correspondent Arkady Orlov) - The safe landing of the US six-wheel Exploration Rover Spirit on the planet Mars is scheduled for Saturday January 3rd at 11:35pm (Washington time (Sunday January 4th at 7:35am Moscow time).

    This was reported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

    Mars Exploration Rover will land in the Gusev crater, named after the 19th century Russian astronomer. At that moment it will be approximately 2:00 pm on Mars.

    Spirit is the first out of two space vehicles approaching the red planet, NASA disclosed.

    The second exploration rover Opportunity is targeted for Meridiani Planum, located on the other side of the planet. Opportunity is scheduled to land on January 25th at 00:05am (Washington time) or at 08:05am (Moscow time).

    Both exploration rovers are equipped with cameras and scientific equipment, each weighs 173 kg and will be moving around the surface of Mars on six aluminum wheels, gaining power from the solar batteries.

    The capacity for work of each rover is 90 days. In case of success each Mars exploration rover would cover 550 meters of the planet surface.

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