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    "They just kept on coming," a baffled Norwegian chef was quoted as saying. Apparently, there'll be no shortage of eggs in the Norwegian Olympic camp in Pyoengchang.

    The Norwegian camp ordered 1,500 eggs for the Pyoengchang Olympics. However, due to a blunder caused by Google Translate, which was partially used to render the order into Korean, team Norway got ten times as many eggs as expected, national broadcaster NRK reported.

    "We got half a truckload of eggs. Fortunately we returned most, but imagine our shock when they carried up the eggs. They just kept on coming. Absolutely amazing," chef Ståle Johansen told NRK.

    By Johansen's own admission, this deluge will result in a spate of omelets, boiled, fried and scrambled eggs, as well as garnish for smoked salmon and sweet cookies for his nation's 109 competitors.

    ​"They can also invite the rest on the sports committee on eggnog," user Erik Strandhus quipped on NRK's Facebook page.

    "Too many cooks spoil the broth," another user chipped in.

    Despite this unexpected torrent of eggs, the Norwegian camp will need a replenishment of its stock when the Olympics are in progress.

    "We get top-ups every four days, but when it comes to eggs, it's easier to buy them from a local store," Johanssen.

    According to Johanssen, the biggest challenge for Olympic chefs is to serve food almost 24 hours a day.

    ​Cross-country skiing is one of the leading sports when it comes to burning calories. A world-class contender may burn over well over 1,000 calories an hour, although the exact figure is dependent on one's body weight, type of terrain and style of skiing, classical or skating. For the sake of comparison, a single large egg contains roughly 72 calories: 17 in the whites and 55 in the yolks. Therefore, the nation's skiing squad alone would have no problem working off the boatload of eggs ordered, had it not been for their strict dietary routine.

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    In the end, 13,500 of the eggs were returned, thus successfully averting an overdose of cholesterol in the Norwegian camp.


    'Asthma Alert' Report Raises Questions About Nordic Olympic Prowess
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