18:11 GMT28 November 2020
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    Donald Trump declared Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage a "friend for life" after the British politician backed him strongly in the 2016 US presidential election. Farage has since spoken at Trump campaign rallies, lending his support to the president's re-election campaign.

    Former MEP Nigel Farage has claimed that what he described as "extreme left" agitators could turn to violence with "looting and riots' if President Trump defeats his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in today's presidential election.

    Farage made the claim on the British breakfast show TV show This Morning, during a discussion about how shops and offices in US cities had been boarded up in anticipation of violence following the election result.

    “Back in 2016 we had a Brexit result in our country and a Trump victory in the USA. “Those that opposed Brexit and those that opposed Trump never ever accepted those results even though they were democratic," said  Farage.

    “So we saw three or four years of the establishment trying to overturn Brexit albeit in a peaceful way.

    “The reason Washington DC and other cities are being boarded up is if Trump wins they know the extreme left will riot and start smashing the place up”, he added.

    Farage previously posted a video of him walking through Washington DC amid boarded up store fronts.



    The video saw a strong reaction from those who agreed with the Brexit Party leader.

    ​But not everyone agreed with Farage's message and  some complained that he should never have been invited to appear on This Morning in the first place.

    ​​Others claimed that Farage himself was inciting violence and should not be allowed back in the UK.






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