00:04 GMT29 October 2020
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    As the New Year quickly approaches, nearly everybody is reflecting upon their past year. Fortunately for nearly half the American population, they consider 2019 to be their best year for sex as of yet.

    According to a recent survey, 47% of Americans consider their sex life to be far better in 2019 than it was in 2018, with 44% stating that they had the best sex of their lives this year. The study, conducted by One Poll, surveyed 2,000 sexually active Americans in which participants recounted their sexual activity this past year.

    In addition to discovering that nearly half of the sexually active population considers this to have been a great year for sex, it was also found that sexual experimentation is on the rise.  According to the survey results, 38% of sexually active adults surveyed became more sexually adventurous this past year. These statistics include over 16% trying phone sex and role-playing for the first time, 20% having intercourse in their car fir the first time, and 29% having used their first sex toy this year.

    The study showed that regular partners being more adventurous together strengthened their overall relationship. As a direct result of their spontaneity, 48% said they were able to communicate more openly with their partner about what they prefer to be done in the bedroom, and 44% learned how to better please their significant other. Looking ahead, 74% said they plan on being even more experimental next year, with 52% admitting to regularly trying new things with their partner in-between the sheets.

    Although these results are impressive, 59% of sexually active adults surveyed admit to wishing they had “more variety” in their sex lives. However, best news of all is that the majority of the people surveyed (79%), said they are overall happy with their sex lives. Looks like it may be a hot holiday season, after all.

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