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    In this Nov. 10, 2016 file photo, J. K. Rowling attends the world premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in New York.

    JK Rowling Lashes Out At 'Saint Jeremy' Corbyn in Epic Biblical Twitter Rant

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    The Harry Potter author has long-been a vocal critic of the Labour leader and his supporters over the years, although her latest rant is undoubtedly her fiercest and most protracted yet.

    Corbyn's highest-profile literary critic posted 'The Visitation of The Corbynites: A Festive Thread' on December 22 — Rowling kicked off proceedings by criticising his supporters for personally attacking her via social media for her own take-downs of the Labour leader.

    Writing in 'Old English', she proceeded to mock Corbyn's commitment to Brexit in the event he becomes Prime Minister — dubbing his 'jobs-led' vision for leaving the European Union "b*******". She went on to suggest "Saint Jeremy" was "in third place after Pontus May".

    "And she did answer, 'How shall the poor fare under Brexit, which thy saint hath always in his secret heart desired, yet he hath not admitted what was in his heart, lest fewer attend his next sermon on the Glastonbury B stage.' "And they did answer, 'Saint Jeremy will achieve a miracle, and he shall bring forth a jobs-first Brexit and all the land shall rejoice'," Rowling tweeted.

    Anticipating suggestions her Corbyn criticism stemmed from her immense wealth — estimated at around US$886 million — and the prospect of higher taxes under a Labour government, she was quick to note she resided in Edinburgh, thus "'Tis not Saint Jeremy who shall tax me, nay, not even if he enters the house of No 10, for my tax rates are set by Queen Nicola [Sturgeon], in whose kingdom I do abide."

    Ironically — and perhaps predictably — her outburst did indeed prompt a deluge of responses from 'Corbynites' — Aaron Bastani, co-founder of progressive website Novara Media, wrote: "Corbyn has repeated the policy Labour has had for two years… I'm afraid multimillionaires can't always get their way."

    Rowling also mentioned Labour's alleged anti-semitism ‘crisis'.

    "'Speak not of the Jews!' cried the host. ‘Why must thou speak so oft of the Jews?' 'Yea, I must speak,' said she, 'for when Jews no longer feel safe in Labour then I too must leave.' And one of the host did shout something about the Rothschilds — and he was hastily hushed by his brethren, who did declare, ‘he is not one of ours, thou he sports a #JC4PM halo.' And another did speak and he said, 'it is not antisemitic to criticise Israel,' and she did put her face in her hands and want to weep," Rowling continued.


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