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    40% of Brits Polled Have a Negative Opinion of Multiculturalism - Research

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    The debate over the merits of foreign immigration has long been a fault line in British politics, with some arguing that it makes the UK a global capital of cultural vibrancy, while others have long decried what they see as its primary consequence: the slow disappearance of British identity.

    Four in ten Brits believe that multiculturalism has eroded their country's culture, and that migrants fail to integrate properly, according to new research into the general population's attitudes toward immigration.

    The research, carried out by the group ‘National Conversation on Immigration,' was stretched out over a two-year period and also found that more than a quarter of people believe that British politicians never tell the truth about immigration.

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    Additionally, half of those polled would like to see a significant reduction in the number of workers entering the UK from other EU countries.

    Rather shockingly from the perspective of the country's political elite, the research reveals that a meagre 15% of respondents felt that the UK government has managed immigration in a proper manner.

    The study was based upon the results of a survey of 3,667 adults and 60 citizen discussion panels. 

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    Jill Rutter, the director of strategy for ‘British Future,' a think tank that was involved with the research, has been widely quoted as saying that, "the lack of trust we found in the government to manage immigration is quite shocking. People want to have their voices heard on the choices we make, and to hold their leaders to account on their promises."

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    However, while a large minority of the population has negative perceptions of multiculturalism, overall, Brits still tend to be slightly more in favour of it. According to the research, 60% of those polled felt that migrant workers stabilized the UK economy by doing jobs that British-born citizens do not want to do. Also, when asked, around 59% said they believed that British culture had been enriched by the diversity of having a sizeable immigrant population.

    Yet, the research also shows that half of those asked said that Britain's job's market had been adversely effected by the influx of migrants due to their willingness to work for less money, thus causing a decrease in UK wages.

    The study found that people who reside in larger cities tend to have more positive views of immigration, contrasted with those living in smaller towns and rural areas, who are seem to be less favourable.

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