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    False Alarm: Child’s Bomb Drawing Causes Terror Alert On Ryanair Flight

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    A 13-year-old boy put a plane full of passengers into panic mode after leaving a drawing of a bomb onboard, according to Dutch authorities.

    As soon as the drawing was found, a Ryanair flight headed for Edinburgh, Scotland, was immediately disembarked shorty before it was due for takeoff from Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.

    Staff in the control tower were so paralysingly shaken, that they had four inbound flights land on the airport's military runway, and a number of others diverted to Amsterdam while outbound flights were temporarily canceled in what is the Netherland's second largest airport.

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    While the incident took place on July 9, Dutch authorities have only now decided to bring the issue into the public eye, saying that their investigation into what was initially construed as a bomb threat turned out to be nothing more than the drawing of a 13-year-old British boy. 

    According to reports, passengers found a piece of paper in a fold-up tray that had the image of a bomb crudely scribbled on it. One witness has been quoted as saying that, "the woman seated next to me found the note in the fold-out tray table. On it were some graphs, some drawings, how to make a bomb. She found it shortly before take-off and got in a slight panic."

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    Following the discovery, passengers were evacuated and Dutch military police entered with sniffer dogs, looking for any suspicious explosive device. All that was found, of course, was nothing more than the innocent scribblings of a small child.

    After a three-hour delay, the flight was allowed to leave for Scotland.
    Surprisingly, Dutch police even questioned the child, who reportedly told them that it was just a drawing, and people should have not taken it so seriously!    

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