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    Meet Darina Tkachenko – a beauty who came to Saudi Arabia aged three together with her parents, both sport coaches. She has told Sputnik her intriguing life story, shared delight about living in the rapidly changing Saudi state and named the country's most charming places to visit.

    "My Mom is from Saint-Petersburg, Dad  — from Kiev," Darina said.

    Since the age of ten, she has been partaking in photoshoots, grabbing more and more spotlight. However, the girl has never dreamed of devoting her life to the fashion industry.

    DIDi🎀Assay 💕 2016

    Публикация от Darynko (@darynko_) Июл 17, 2016 в 3:12 PDT

    DIDi🎀Assay 💕 2016

    Публикация от Darynko (@darynko_) Июл 17, 2016 в 3:02 PDT

    "I grew up in the Saudi kingdom and thus I am fluent in Arabic, my mother tongues are still Russian and Ukrainian. I can also speak French and English. I have a management degree and I am currently employed as a translator from the Russian and Arabic languages," Darina told Sputnik Arabic.

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    She noted that she had never been taught to work as a model. "That’s not my profession, that’s more likely my hobby, and has been so for the past 17 years. I just put on beautiful clothes and pose in front of the camera. Here, in Saudi Arabia, this sounds interesting to me, but if I move somewhere else with my husband, born Canadian, I’ll more likely give up my modelling experiments," the girl said.

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    Darina admitted that she loves travelling together with her husband and children, she loves to spend time in a friendly company amid the desert: "I just love the desert, there’s something really charming about it."

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    Darina keeps a good shape by doing regular exercise:

    "I train no less than twice a week. I grew up in a sporting family and I really think that physical exercise is an essential part of life. I don’t keep to any specific diet. I’m sure regular training has a bigger effect than any diets whatsoever. I love Arabic cuisine, their meat dishes."

    Commenting on her everyday life in the Saudi state she noted that due to the recent liberal changes introduced to the country’s  legislation, women’s right to drive among others, life has become much easier and freer. And it is constantly changing for the better, she noted.

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    "I would really recommend everyone to come here and visit Saudi Arabia, not just as part of a hadj trip but as tourists, to get acquainted with this great country," Darina told Sputnik.


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