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    Chinese students

    Chinese App Developers Know How to Infotain Your Little Ones

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    If you are a parent, you have probably experienced troubles with getting your child to study, one of the few effective ways to attract curiosity being, perhaps, a subject-oriented game. With this in view, please meet Stroke-by-Stroke.

    China’s Utopia Online is introducing a top-notch app in a bid to harness the power of gamification and motivate students to remain on task, Business Wire reported. More particularly, it has been designed to facilitate school children aged 5-11 in learning how to write Chinese hieroglyphs.

    The app makes use of the writing pad of a smartphone to simulate Chinese handwriting. Stroke-by-Stroke is attempting to redirect a kid’s natural thirst for video games to "a more productive end," namely obtaining and digesting information. Students are thus getting, as it is commonly said, "infotained," combining the pleasure of playing a game with actual learning.

    Short but well-planned lessons can be covered most enjoyably at whatever location, even on the go, be it on a school bus or during a family trip. What is left to be done is to crowdfund for the project, something that the developers have already set about.

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