12:33 GMT28 October 2020
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    Daesh is planning lone-wolf attacks in Indian cities during Hindu religious gatherings, a recent audio message of an Indian Daesh recruiter has revealed.

    New Delhi (Sputnik) — In the audio message, Rashid is heard exhorting Indian recruits to target Hindu congregations by driving trucks into the crowd, poisoning food and derailing trains.

    According to sources in India's Home Ministry, the audio clip was transmitted through the Telegram Messenger app from Afghanistan and the voice is said to be that of Abdulla Abdul Rashid who originally hailed from Kasargod in the southern state of Kerala. He is among the 21 radicalized Kerala youths who left India last year and went to Nangarhar province in Afghanistan to join Daesh.

    "Democracy, Hinduism, Christianity has to be wiped out; only Allah's writ should run large. Till they are annihilated you should keep fighting. You should know how to implement it. Use your intelligence to kill Kafirs, kill them, poison their food and water," Rashid is heard saying in the Malayalam language in the two-minute audio clip.

    "You could use trucks. Ram vehicles right into them. It happens in other parts of the world also… You could derail a train. You can use a knife to kill Kafirs," Abdullah Rashid adds.

    Experts say that the audio clip shows the desperation of Daesh as their propaganda has failed to impact Indian youth.

    "In fact, it is a desperate call by the operative Rashid as his earlier clips failed to get more Indians to migrate and join the Daesh fold. Therefore he is now appealing and urging Indian's to carry out Las Vegas and Nice style attacks in India. But I think it will hardly appeal to Indian Muslims. But our security forces should be on alert to foil any such designs and keep a close eye on social media sites as Daesh is still trying hard to lure Indian youths to increase their base," security expert Qamar Agha told Sputnik.

    In the audio clip, the Daesh recruiter is also heard praising the perpetrators of the recent terror attack during a rock concert in Las Vegas.




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