17:43 GMT17 April 2021
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    Donald Trump struck a defiant tone on Twitter on Saturday following the unprecedented fallout that ensued after tapes were released on Friday of a hot mic conversation in which the reality television star turned presidential candidate was recorded making extremely lewd statements about women.

    On Saturday, the Republican Party establishment turned against their nominee in a series of defections that have left many wondering whether real estate tycoon Donald Trump could weather the latest scandal and after having moved past so many other controversial comments it seems to everyone that the former reality television star's candidacy has finally come to an end.

    Hours after a recording was released of Trump in 2005 speaking to television personality Billy Bush, the cousin of George W. and Jeb Bush, on a hot mic saying how he liked to just "grab [women] by the p----" and that "you can do anything, they just let you do it" in addition to speaking of an attempt to "f---" another woman while his wife Melania was three months pregnant the Republican Party went into a tailspin with seasoned politicians running for the doors.

    Defections include John McCain, Jason Chaffetz, Joe Heck and a number of other prominent Republicans who either withdrew their support or redoubled their admonitions for the controversial candidate that many establishment conservatives were reticent to embrace.

    While it seems like his entire political party has turned against him with calls for running mate Mike Pence to assume the throne as the Republican nominee amid this time of crisis, Donald Trump has not given up on his now very long shot bid for the US presidency taking to Twitter to rally his supporters to redouble their efforts.

    "The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly," said Trump on Twitter. "I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN! #MAGA" with a sign off with his "Make America Great Again hashtag.

    ​Still the path for Trump will be evermore daunting following the latest revelations as states across the country begin early voting this week with the downturn occurring a very critical strategic juncture. Trump already struggled with suburban female voters who were worried about his temperament and crass demeanor with the latest controversy likely shutting the door on a comeback.

    Trump's campaign also will likely see staff defections in the coming day with leading business groups including the US Chamber of Commerce denouncing the Republican and calling for him to withdraw his candidacy suggesting that any fundraising that the real estate tycoon was counting on to move his campaign through election day will likely dry up in the coming days.

    Ever the optimist, Trump has maintained a somewhat detached mood despite the scandal that looks to kneecap his political fortunes writing on Twitter in jest earlier the day, "Certainly has been an interesting 24 hours!"

    ​The candidate's last best shot may be tomorrow's prime time debate.


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