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    A mourner places a flag in the Empty Sky memorial on the morning of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey, U.S

    Obama Vetoes Bill That Would Allow 9/11 Victims' Families to Sue Saudi Arabia

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    The move sets the stage for a congressional override, and US lawmakers say they are confident they will be able to overturn the veto.

    The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act passed through Congress with ease earlier in September, and would permit lawsuits against Riyadh in connection with the September 11 attacks.

    Though the Saudi government denies any involvement in the 2001 massacre that left nearly 3,000 people dead, many have long suspected that the hijackers of four planes that crashed into targets in New York, Washington DC and rural Pennsylvania were backed by Riyadh.

    The White House says the veto is necessary to prevent precedent that would allow other countries' citizens  to sue the US, its diplomats and servicemen. 

    If Congress succeeds in overriding the veto, it will be the first time in Obama's presidency. A veto requires two thirds of lawmakers to vote in favor of it, in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

    "Fifteen years has passed without answers or accountability for the most horrific attack on America — we are angry, frustrated and tired,” Terry Strada, whose husband was killed at the World Trade Center in New York, told Reuters.

    Some key Obama in Congress have said they will stand by the bill, despite the president's objections.

    "I’ve worked with these families for a very long time, and I think they should have their day in court," House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters.

    Persian Gulf allies of the US are, predictably, against the bill. 

    Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Abdullatif al-Zayani declared that it runs “contrary to the foundations and principles of relations between states and the principle of sovereign immunity enjoyed by states.”

    Obama's veto follows the release of 28 declassified pages from a congressional report on 9/11, which reignited speculations over possible links of the plane hijackers to Saudi government officials. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals.


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    • American Socialist
      Both America & Saudi were complicit.
      Osama's family were flown out of America when all flights were grounded, or be shot down by Jets. Obviously, the highest of the high had to intervene and allow safe passage to these people. In addition, the FBI escorted these people to a private plane!

      What's that say?

      FYI: Georgey Bush and Osama's Family are tight, like a virgin.
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      U$ ameficans and Saudi -best mates !
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      Water is reaching Barack's neck at an astonishing speed.
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      Barry strikes again. But he means well. *sarcasm*
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      The US Congress doesn't do much good, but my thanks for putting this on Obama's desk and forcing him to show his true self.
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      These poor families of the victims of 9/11 will never see any justice from this atrocity. Just like we'll never know who killed JFK. So, let them talk big, these phony congress people will never pursue it. After all, it's the Saudis who fund their re-election campaigns!
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      now there's a surprise! (sarcasm)
    • Hermes
      Obama's Wahhabist relatives in Kenia maintain good relations with the saoudi monarchy.
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      Ibrahim Ahmad
      This is another type of fooling minds - I think - everywhere. Do you think what happened in 9/11 2001 has gained any benefits to Saudi? If so Saudi is that who did it or decided to do it.

      First of all, flashback your memory to what happened in 9/11 2001 and you’ll find the followings:
      1- The attacker aircrafts skipped over all US monitors and security supervision systems to target New York’s towers. It’s really so rare to find an aunt walks away of such security systems.
      2- The bombing was completely recorded and not by the public cameras which usually we find them in the stores or such else, not even by a cellular cam, but by a professional camera uses an expert zooming to clarify this event and in the starting of the first moments it happened.
      3- The US presidency decided immediately that what happened was a terrorist job and before any trusted investigations nor by any official agencies neither by private ones.
      4- US presidency decided to attack Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism and with no public supporting to such a decision which was motivated by the president’s speech then “Who aren’t with us, is generally with terrorism!”
      5- A day or more before that, a bunch of jews whom been working in the targeted buildings had received unknown messages that warned them (NOT go) - or let me say to don't go, ignore going- to their work next day "which is the day of the attack".
      6- After, US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan side by side with UK and some shameful allies around and transmitted situations in the targeted countries from the stable status before to the hell. Hundreds of thousands civilians have been killed even due to the direct attack or due to torturing them in the detainees. Abu Ghareeb’s detainee for example.
      7- The King Kong political system - in the view of US and TBGCi “The Bacterial Germ Called israel” - in Iraq has been purged.
      8- Most of Iraqi oil has been stolen by US/UK government and some other malicious troops like black water for example.
      9- Guantanamo Base has received tons of Arabs in the name of punishing terrorists and preparing them to the normal condition.
      10- Afghanistan became another US’s military field for examining its weapons.
      11- Most of – if not all - Arab governments took the emergency situation due to what happened and the warning too in the case if they’ll just think about disagreeing in anyway the US decisions later.
      12- TBGCi “The Bacterial Germ Called israel” became safer more and more in its illegal status and free from any legal judgements due to its crimes.

      So what the benefits that Saudi government has gained behind all that?!

      To me, I think what happening today “Allowing victims to sue Saudi and the veto against that” is type of a dirty play aims to pure the image of real criminals whom were behind this crime TBGCi “The Bacterial Germ Called israel” and its supporters. And of course doing veto is to disable it because the motifs weren’t punishing Saudi as much as proving publicly that this crime is in its neck.

      Recall that, the huge damage that this bacterial germ called israel been suffering and still is in the reason of it is simply its stinky and bloody image in front of the general public everywhere especially in EU and US.

      That’s way we seeing what happening in the Middle East and starting from what they called it an Arab Spring and in the name of another cultures or beliefs.
      That’s way we seeing what a bunch of psychos counted on Saudi’s government doing in Yemen. Of course there’s militarily and geographical targets behind that, but the main target is still socially which is purring and clearing the criminal and dirty image of TBGCi around the world.
      Tell me, after seeing a man eats an uncooked liver of his victim who’s gonna blame this bacterial germ called israeli for shooting a woman or kid because she/he throws a stone !
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      Ibrahim Ahmad

      Reply elsa.zardini 01:39 24.09.2016 .

      Well, these are undisputable facts, 1. The Saudi Royal Family are Jews. Lots of facts out there in the internet. 2. Obama has Jewish roots. There were pictures of rabbis showing to him, to Obama, in huge genealogical trees, his jewish ancestry related to the Queen of England, this at the time he was first elected. 3. Jewish employees were alerted to not go to work on that day. And, so on and so on. Just google it.



      -You may find “jews” in some of my comments; it surely doesn’t mean whoever believes in Judaism and that’s it.
      But it means whoever believes in Judaism or any belief else and supporting or legalizing the existing of a nation for jews on PALESTINE the stolen land or any stolen land else.
      - That also means, even I don’t like jews – personal feelings – but I don’t write or say opinions that relating to them because they are Jewish people.
      To me, I don’t care whether you’re Jewish or not, and exactly I don’t care if the royal family in Saudi are Jewish or not, actually I don’t care if my family are Jewish or not.
      But I totally care about using our belief and culture as the same way that Christian people used before and their culture by the same tools in the sake of obliging public to believe that Jewish people are victims for example.

      -Notice that I’m always saying:
      “The Bacterial Germ Called israel”
      I don’t say the bacterial germ called jews.
      It means the point to me is the bacterial germ called (Israel) and that’s it. Of course, it doesn’t mean the whole Jewish people.

      -Recall that, this word called: (israel) it’s always written in my comments uncaps which means: It doesn’t even a known name to me, and always followed by: (Called) which means: They call it whatever they want to call it, but does it really as it called!

      -They were and still are a lot Jewish people deserved respecting because they being against this bacterial germ called israel. For example: Rachel Curry “If I spelt her name correctly” I totally admire and respect her, but you know how she’s died, and what for?

      -Saying that the royal family are Jewish people or anyone else is type of giving legality to the existence of jews in the Middle East especially on PALESTINE. I still remember that I’ve read a paragraph since years ago by an unknown writer says: There are a family living closed to my area and they are jews. The funny part this family became many of them extremist Muslims closed to Taliban. It may explains whom were the extremists today anyway :)

      -I always Google for events and information and so for characters.
      But honestly, I didn’t depend on my comment here on Google search. I traced most resources that exposed in the first of this event, some of them said by witnesses and other said by analysts. And to be more honest, I don’t depend in my personal opinions on any search engines. I use search engines for discovering information about things that I don’t know any information about them, and then use many sources to find the truth. For example: Assume that I know nothing about (Car). Therefore, I use Google search or any other search engine to find what it means this word! After, I use many books I’ve before or search for other books and sometimes buy them if necessary to know the truth about who invented cars for example.

      -And that’s WAY I write my opinion. Based on some books – usually they have been printed before these events - and my personal conclusions.

      -To be a Jew it doesn’t concern me, but to be a supporter for this bacterial germ called israel whether you’re a Jew or any else that really concerns me and concerns million of people whom paid their lives and stability due to protecting and legalizing this germ called israel.

      -Isn’t about PALESTINE and that’s it, it’s about the stolen rights while this stolen rights for PALESTINIANS or whomever else.

      -My native language isn’t English; it’s not even my studying language.
      Honestly I write my comments with a Word Editor and that’s it.

      -I don’t usually use dictionaries - for example - in helping my writing. Therefore, I wish you apologise my spelling mistakes and so grammatical too ^_^
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      Obama just shows his stupidty all the time, why don't CNN or FOX tell this, oh, like him they are to busy kissing their corporate backers a$$es.
    • avatar
      So it's OK for the corporations to be able to sue states within TTIP but not for people to sue mass murderers from our "ally" in the wahabist dictatorship... Who is pulling the strings of the halfbreed in the WH?
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      So it's OK for the corporations to be able to sue states within TTIP but not for people to sue mass murderers from our "ally" in the wahabist dictatorship... Who is pulling the strings of the halfbreed in the WH?
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      mzungu in Africa
      Why does congress stir up the MSM supported official version of 9/11? Congress is one of the agencies of deep state. All evidence about 9/11 points to deep state.
      If the Saudis were to be sued they would start talking. If the truth would come out in the open and confirm that 9/11 was an inside job the consequences are not foreseeable. A very dangerous situation for the whole world has arisen.
      My assumption is that the top elite has given up on the US as they are today - a state on the brink of economical and financial collapse. They've bled the US white already. I imagine that they are already heavily invested in China and Russia. You don't see their moves. They are always on both sides.
      The useful idiots in US politics and military don't want to be dumped so they are struggling or their survival at home and abroad (NATO etc.)
      But how was Russia's miraculous revival made possible? In 2000 she was in deep trouble, the state bankrupt, the armed forces rotten and ineffective. And today - the economy resilient to outside pressure and the armed forces invincible. Who enabled, i e. financed, this? Putin and his good leadership? Come on! How could Putin consolidate absolute power in no matter of time, who ordered he (Jewish) oligarchs not to obstruct the government any more?
      Russia and China are the powers of the present and the foreseeable future and the elite just let it happen? The US only tries to stop this development when it is already too late?
      Don't only look at the surface of things, if you do you will get confused. Don't follow the MSM information neither in approval nor in denial. Always ask yourself what stringent plan could be behind the confusing "facts".
    • avatar
      mzungu in Africain reply toZoanthropy(Show commentHide comment)
      Box 1, what is America nowadays? If you refer to the populace I must tell you that they don't signify until they have taken back their state.
    • avatar
      Well the only good thing to come of this is now people know who they are voting for in the so called Democrats........Go Trump
    • avatar
      mzungu in Africain reply toseanrkearney(Show commentHide comment)
      seanrkearney, Trump is the candidate of the elite and his task will be to start consolidating the state which has overreached its capabilities by far.
    • avatar
      antonin reply toIbrahim Ahmad(Show commentHide comment)
      Ibrahim Ahmad, glad to read some sense. This is just a stunt against Obama, they knew he had to veto it and wanted him to look bad so they used their paid-off congress. Israel is a British colony basically.
    • avatar
      antonin reply tomzungu in Africa(Show commentHide comment)
      mzungu in Africa, glad to hear your sensible views! I don't know what you are getting at with "financing Putin", it really looks like he came through the back door and was enabled only by his special abilities. Russia Insider published the best documentary on Putin in English yet, find it on google; "EXCLUSIVE Prime time Russian doc about Putin".
    • avatar
      Ibrahim Ahmadin reply toZoanthropy(Show commentHide comment)
      Box 1, Well, in this case – I think - the question is: Who are Americans of United States? Let us go back a little to find out who are the people in USA.

      I think social history has defined the nature of people who are living in USA today since its existence. USA became as it today based on the British colonist movements and naturally they inherited English language and some other cultures while the native people of this place weren’t speak English. Actually weren’t white people or blacks, they were Indians.

      Depending on the British colonist movements USA became what it is today; a place gives its identification for the people whom immigrated to it whatever their roots or the places they came from, white people or blacks.

      So, it’s not a confusing thing to see a black man being a president of USA while his roots refer to Kenya for example or wherever else.
      Naturally, you’ll ask yourself how a man been for years ago a slave and his roots too for white men and became a president on them after!

      This ideology was intentioned to make a country uses personal ambitions and financial goals by its people instead of tribal, religious, and cultural concepts.
      A country based on such concept will give the leaders and power people – while they are businessmen or thieves and war callers - the safe attitude in front of their people, and the main goals behind managing and leading such a place will be personals not publicly aimed. It means anyone will work for his/her own self but not others.

      Therefore, we’ve seen a black man became a president in this place and encircled by the huge feelings of blacks then introducing themselves for this world that they are finally won. While it’s nothing but another type of malicious intentions aim to achieve personal ambitions of some thieves and emperors whom working behind the scenes regardless of the ways or people will stand on them. A black man or a woman it doesn’t matter as much as the same malicious goals will be achieved.

      And we’ll see Hillary Clinton wins her races for the presidency in the name of democracy and women rights :(

      By the way, this nature is the same nature happened before in the sake of creating the bacterial germ called israel.
      Many races have been collected by some extremist jews and based on a fabricated view says: The targeted place – which is PALESTINE – is a part of heaven sunken in honey and milk.

      And the same procedures that proceeded to achieve the illegal goals behind creating this germ like criminal troops Haganah and some other monsters it’s today happening on the ground in the name of other cultures and beliefs that are expected as the enemies in the view of this bacterial germ called israel.
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