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    New York City police and firefighters stand near the site of an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, U.S. September 17, 2016.

    New York Fire Department Confirms 26 Injured in Massive Explosion in Manhattan

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    Reports of an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan came through social media just before 8:30pm. The explosion has been confirmed by the New York Fire Department.

    On Saturday, a massive explosion rattled the Chelsea area of Manhattan. People reported hearing the large blast on social media with the New York Fire Department subsequently confirming that an explosion had occurred. New York City issued an emergency alert telling people to expect traffic delays in the area. At least 25 people have gotten light injuries, according to the New York Fire Department. At least three people were hospitalized.

    Multiple injuries reported, according to local Pix11 news, from the massive blast that occurred at 135 23rd St. in downtown Manhattan between 6th and 7th avenue. The explosion comes after a pipe bomb was planted near the starting line of a marathon in nearby New Jersey. People have been advised to stay away from the area. The blast has not impacted the city's subway and train system at this time.

    Fox 15 news initially reported that at least 25 people were injured in the blast but the severity of their injuries remain unknown at the present moment. It also is unknown whether the explosion was caused by an act of terror or some natural cause. The city's Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro later confirmed that 29 people have been injured.

    One social media user under the handle @Shield1631 claims to have uncovered an IED explosive device that was placed in a garbage can in a manner similar to the explosion that occurred at the New Jersey marathon earlier on Saturday. The identification of the device as the cause of the explosion has not been confirmed by authorities, however.

    The New York Fire Department's bomb squad has arrived on the scene to inspect the damage and determine whether there remains any not yet exploded devices in the vicinity according to local reports.​​

    The Daily Mail reports that it is believed that the structure at 135 23rd St. may have collapsed following the major explosion with reports on social media that the blast shook the entire neighborhood.

    The NYPD Counterterrorism Unit has been dispatched to the scene with eyewitness reports that police are conducting searches in the vicinity of the explosion, checking for additional explosive devices in the area.

    So far it is known that the blast was caused by an improvised explosive device placed in a dumpster — similar to the explosion Saturday morning at a marathon in New Jersey — and that at least 25 people have been injured by the explosion. The FBI, ATF, and bomb squad are on the scene.

    The New York Police Department's Counterterrorism Chief James Waters acknowledges that the unit is responding to the explosion in Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and that more details are to follow.

    The video below shows what is believed to be the garbage can that the explosive device was placed into near the scene of the explosion being looked at by New York City fire fighters.


    Law enforcement authorities are considering that the explosion could be accidently caused by construction explosives, an unnamed official close to the investigation said.

    The White House spokesperson said that President Barack Obama has been informed about the explosion, adding that the cause of the incident is still under investigation.


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      I was just about to post about what was going to happen to work as a distraction from what happened in Syria. It was almost certain to be something in the US, and like clockwork, here it is.
    • jande.jande
      here we go, false flag,..
    • jande.jandein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, no, it is distraction from Hillary Clinton collapsing.. i thing things will start happening fast from now on.
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      What next? They going to claim they found Trump's fingerprints at the scene? *sarcasm*
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      Must have been planted by Obama to stop the Presidential elections. He is not an American Black which has more 1 century of history. This creature is just a mixture of 2 nomads.
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      chrrevin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, absolutely, yet another false flag.
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      chrrevin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, or Putin's :-)
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      the president informed - like he cares.
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      U$ americans try to cover up that that they fight with U$IS and bomb Assad troops !
    • Korz53
      C.I.A.’s blowback from its activities?
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      ptcjmin reply tojande.jande(Show commentHide comment)
      jande.jande, The Clinton case has been ongoing for some days now with hearings and interestingly enough the connection of servers used when Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State and Mr. Clinton presidential time is quite astonishing.
      So too is the hearings of attack or hacking which Mr. Cooper talks of and happened In January of 2011. Such a coincidence with ........... May be with diverting the Davos of 2011 meeting ! when the Russian airport was bombed!
      The mixture of how Mr. Cooper got his pay cheques is a good example of the methods of how the Mafia works.
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      ptcjmin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, are you kidding? Don't you think it was Mr. Putin's fingerprints they will claim they found?
    • Agus Nizami
      US Airforce is defending ISIS by killing Syrian Army. And USA people have to pay the price. The terrorists are spreading around the world
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      Massive blast and only injuries.
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      Talmudist supremacist false flag for the neocon world order.
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