17:06 GMT13 May 2021
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    The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations found the timing of what the United States called an accidental and unintentional airstrike to be suspicious only minutes after the US representative to the international body effectively blamed Russia and the Assad regime calling the emergency meeting a "stunt."

    Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations questioned the United States sudden interest in the fight against Daesh in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor where Syrian forces loyal to the Assad regime have been the vanguard of the fighting force against Daesh saying that it was suspicious that the Americans would suddenly try to "help" the Syrian Army as they claimed they were targeted Daesh in the region.

    "It is highly suspicious that the United States chose to conduct this particular air strike at this time," Russia's ambassador Vitaly Churkin said. He also questioned America's willingness to actively engage the fight against terror rather than focusing on attempting regime change in Syria saying that US forces did "nothing when ISIS advanced on Palmyra."

    A major diplomatic row looks to be developing between the United States and Russia only five days after a breakthrough ceasefire deal that had called for the two nations to coordinate airstrikes — in large part to prevent incidents like Saturday's horrific bombing attack against Syrian forces — and came with a demand by the White House for the so-called moderate rebels to disband for the al-Nusra Front with whom they have been embedded with in recent weeks.



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