08:29 GMT25 January 2021
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    Hillary Clinton's private physician diagnosed the former First Lady with a bout of pneumonia on Friday less than 48 hours before the Democratic nominee shook and collapsed in front of van.

    On Sunday morning questions about Hillary Clinton's health reached a fever pitch after video shows the former Secretary of State convulsing and collapsing before a half dozen staffers grab her to prevent the Democratic nominee from landing face first on the pavement. The candidate was dragged into a black SUV and brought to her daughter Chelsea's apartment where she was seen by a doctor before reemerging to tell the press that she "feels just fine."

    The campaign initially attempted to downplay the incident saying that it was merely a bout of dehydration but as social media started to storm about her potential inability to continue as a candidate her campaign provided a more detailed release explaining that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

    Some continue to speculate that Hillary Clinton may be suffering from a more severe condition either in connection to her 2012 concussion and ensuing blood clot in her brain that, by her own admission, impaired her memory for several months towards the end of her tenure as Secretary of State or even theories such as that she is experiencing the early onset symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

    In the immediate, the lung ailment may explain why the candidate suffered a five minute long coughing fit last week that left her gasping for air and trying to utter out a few words to the crowd in a heavily depressed voice.

    The note from Hillary's doctor says that she came to the physician following an extended bout of chronic coughing during which time she was diagnosed with the condition and advised to rest and remain hydrated — a task easier said than done in the busy life of a presidential candidate.


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