21:58 GMT29 May 2020
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    The footage shows a white cylinder moving rapidly out of lightning scorched clouds as a tornado rages below leaving many to believe it is simply a bird or debris.

    Amid a violent thunderstorm that spawned a massive tornado one can see a white cylindrical figure rapidly moving across the sky in what alien enthusiasts believe is evidence that lifeforms from beyond have descended upon humanity while most people speculate it is just a bird or debris.

    The shocking images were captured on video and posted on Facebook showing the mysterious image as a funnel cloud emerged in the center of the storm likely giving way to debris, but social media’s alien enthusiasts believe that it is much more than debris.

    Many viewers suggest that it may be an aircraft of some kind, although its size and velocity does not fit the specifics of any known conventional or military aircraft, while others are convinced that it is an alien.

    Although alleged alien sightings have become more frequent in recent years there remains no evidence that spaceships from beyond have infiltrated the earth’s airspace with many UFO fans derided as conspiracy theorists while some say there are just too many images that just simply can’t be explained.


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