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    Saturn in natural colours

    NASA Scientist Claims Giant UFOs are ‘Proliferating’ in Saturn’s Rings

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    This isn’t the first time that the scientist has made such claims, but he warns that the situation is “critical” with living alien spaceships in our solar system "proliferating" faster than ever.

    Dr. Norman Bergrun, a distinguished mechanical engineer at NASA’s Ames Research Center is once again making headlines for his argument that extraterrestrial life exists within the earth’s solar system arguing that UFOs that were first spotted in Saturn’s rings are “proliferating” to other planets that have rings including Uranus and Jupiter.

    "What I found out is, these things inhabit Saturn, that’s where I first discovered them, and they’re proliferating. You can find them around Uranus and Jupiter. Wherever you see some rings, that’s where I see the aircrafts, I call them a ring maker," explained Dr, Bergrun. 

    "I say that it is electromagnetic because I can identify streamline patterns with respect to it that I knew were what we called 'potential lines' and that says it was electrical," said Dr. Bergrun. “I could tell that those lines demarked the outside of an object."

    The scientists argues that the some of the footage near the rings shows "exhaust" emanating from alien aircraft and he warned that things are getting “critical” in deep space as these space ships continue to proliferate throughout the solar system.

    He explained that it is his opinion that the aliens are “nursing from the rings” garnering energy that is being used to allow them to proliferate and to power their craft. 

    "That’s where new ones are getting their energy," said Dr. Bergrun. He went on to explain that he thinks that the alien spacecraft spotted near the rings of Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus are indeed alive.

    So are these the musings of a conspiracy theorist or a disturbed individual? 

    Dr. Bergun is clearly a brilliant scientist based on his decorated resume with NASA in addition to serving on the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and also as an engineer with Lockheed Martin working on some of the nation’s most critical top secret projects. That said, the claims do seem somewhat fantastical, if not speculative, with alternative explanations abound for the phenomenon.

    It is interesting to note that Dr. Bergrun advanced a similar theory, albeit with much less detail or supporting evidence, in 1986 in his book The Ringmakers of Saturn. If he is to be believed, then the situation is "critical" as the solar system becomes infested with living alien spaceships, and if he is wrong then we all got a chance to imagine something unique for a moment.


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    • Preterist ADSeventy
      Politicians are allowed to lie- it's up to the voter to decide whether or not they are telling the truth. It seems like the same rules now apply to the MSM judging from what I read/hear coming from them. I'd venture to say that it's true for NASA. The whole shabang is really nothing more than a Ripley's Believe it or Not Show.
    • avatar
      One only needs to keep an open mind and their eyes firmly open to realize that we are not alone.
    • Al
      I have no reservations that these aliens do exist. However, I don't agree that they are proliferating. There is so much we don't understand, for all we know they may be conducting maintenance on the rings. These aliens are for more advance and most likely been here for 1000 if not millions of years. Yet, the first response is a defensive one, not what I would expect from a scientist.
    • avatar
      he has observed and created a 'story' as we as a race do in both history and science. Is it truth, highly unlikely IMHO only due to the paucity of radio signals.
    • avatar
      Negro Boy
      Why ? if their so advanced ? they can minipulate the satlights, listen into our communications, activate a neclear strike on Russia, watch our TV from a million miles away....Their the boss so why hide ?
    • avatar
      It's typical that the deranged comment has to be thrown in. It's called anchoring. When an inconvenient truth pops up certain news agencies will make comments that the person making the claim is insane. That leaves anybody lacking in critical thinking with that opinion of the claimant when in reality it is just the writers opinion not fact.

      The are serious issues with Saturn that I've known about for a long time. Further to that it has been taught in every culture including ancient cultures there is an anomaly on our planet and it is being controlled from a hub somewhere off world. Their are many theories out there and all are worth consideration given what is currently unfolding on our planet. To me it is clear that there is something insidious on Earth and controlling the governments. Yea might sound like a conspiracy alright and I wish it was but I've proven it to myself. The rabbit hole is very deep and once you go down it there is only one way to go, there is no going backwards.
    • avatar
      Eudoxiain reply toNegro Boy(Show commentHide comment)
      Negro Boy, Because if they are who I think they are they are in violation of natural law. This is universal and governs everything. Everything is done under contract, and consent. The only way they can get our consent to being controlled is by covert means. It said by quite a few that the central hub of this control is Saturn. If you consider this as a bit "out there" but if you want something concrete that there is something not right here look at part 3 of a talk by Mark Passio entitled De-mystifying the Occult. There is government department in the US called the National Reconnaissance Office which is a little known but highly funded operation. Firstly look up the meaning of reconnaissance then watch part 3 of the documentary if you want to see some strange shit. This office is launching satelites into space and what Passio is showing is the launch mission patches for every mission/launch. The wording on them is in Latin which he interprets but the insignia and their meanings are extremely interesting to say the least.

    • Vera Narishkinin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Just because we humans use radio signals doesn't mean that aliens do too - if they are so much more advanced than we are, they likely find radio signals to be a very poor and primitive way of communicating.
    • Vera Narishkinin reply toNegro Boy(Show commentHide comment)
      Negro Boy, Most likely they hide so as not to interfere with a much more primitive form of life that is us.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toVera Narishkin(Show commentHide comment)
      Vera, a valid point. Have a read of some of A.C.Clarke's serious works. The point that he raises that given a 'race or society' which uses technology then they/we must all pass through various stages of development. eg the wheel, learn how to use electricity and so forth. Radio is part of the development of technology which allows a race or group to move from their own planet. Now, the problem currently is that after say roughly 120+ years of radio and 70 years roughly of radio astronomers listening to signals across the board as well as in the 'water hole' as one theoretical location, there is, in effect no detectable signals from an intelligent source. As you might suggest, they may be very advanced, that suggests that they would be quite distant from us. That also suggests that any radio signals we could detect would be from an earlier point in their development. There have been no signals detected. Clarke also discusses the problem of FTL travel, especially how laws of physics cannot be different in different parts of the galaxy, as another example. Believe me, I would love to know that there are other forms of life, intelligent and otherwise. But the science is not encouraging on this point. This is a fascinating area of discussion as it also includes the history and philosophy of science, our thought processes and perception etc. You would also have to look at how they might signal to each other (getting back to the original topic). They would have to use some parts of the electro magnetic spectrum. If not, how do they function in the physical world? As I said, fascinating area for speculation. Thanks, :)
    • avatar
      What does "critical" mean? Are they going to start dropping out if their concentration increases? Will they explode? Solidify into one giant mass of UFO's? Start glowing? Heaven help us.
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