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    A tank moves into position as Turkish people attempt to stop them, in Ankara, Turkey, early Saturday, July 16, 2016

    Turkish Lawmaker Calls for Closure of NATO’s Incirlik Air Base After Failed Coup

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    Deputy Chairman of the Center-Left Republican People’s Party (CHP) Namik Havutca argues that the base that stores 90 US tactical nuclear weapons “makes enemies of friendly countries and poses a threat to Turkey’s internal stability.

    In the wake of the failed attempt to overthrow the Erdogan government on July 15 and the ensuing purge that has led to over 18,000 military servicemen and judges being rounded up and imprisoned on charges of treason, yet another Turkish leader has stepped forward calling on the country to step back from its alliance with NATO forces who top Erdogan regime officials accuse of being complicit in the botched coup.

    The Deputy Chairman of Turkey’s Center-Left Republican People’s Party has called for the immediate eviction of all foreign aircraft, tools and materials from the country and said that Incirlik Air Base should be shuttered.

    "Incirlik Air Base has added nothing but instability and fragmentation to Turkey and the region," said Havutca. The lawmaker went on to say that the NATO base failed to stand by the Turkish people at a time when their blood was being spilled and the nation was in tears.

    The lawmaker said that Incirlik Air Base poses a threat to the country, both internally and externally calling it responsible for "multiplying our enemies and turning our friends into enemies of the state."

    The politician has pushed forward a proposal titled "Incirlik Get Out" and calls on his colleagues in the parliament to support the measure in order to put an end to the military facility that he calls a "virus" that eats away at the Middle East.

    Finally, Havutca alleges that the NATO base "served the purpose of providing logical support to the organization in the coup attempt."

    The strong words mirror recent anti-American protests near the base including a demonstration one week ago where 5,000 protesters screaming "death to the US" were trailed by vehicles and demanded that Incirlik Air Base be shutdown.

    The agitation of the Turkish people also comes amid numerous claims by the Erdogan regime that the CIA, FBI, and a top US General John F. Campbell were all really the masterminds of the coup whereas the regime’s nemesis-in-chief Fethullah Gulen was called nothing but a "pawn" by the Turkish President.


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    • dan sheppard
      Wonder if any 'nuclear weapons were stolen by ISIS during the coup' ?
      (If you know what I mean?)
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      For Turkey to return to being in good stead with Russia, it would be of chronicle importance to get NATO totally out ASAP. The strategy of the EU using NATO in Turkey has been NOTHING but a facade, a farce!!! Like all the septic bases everywhere, PI$$ OFF BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!
    • avatar
      If Turkey can truly leave NATO, then I'll believe they are sincere with their apology to Russia, anything else is just self preservation.
    • Annin reply todan sheppard(Show commentHide comment)
      dan sheppard, My thoughts exactly, but I wondered if the CIA had a chance to sneak any out to hide in Syria, in preparation for launching against Russia. I think they already have some hidden in Aleppo, unless they used this coup as a distraction to get their hidden stash out before the proxies lose their stronghold. If I'm right, Aleppo will fall quickly. If not, then this will drag on until the CIA manages to salvage it's preps. There's more to Aleppo than what we see.
    • NATOisEVILin reply todan sheppard(Show commentHide comment)
      dan sheppard, Like the americans forgot to lock the door while they are staring in another direction?
      If someone are crazy enough to let thugs get their hands on nuclear material, it is the yanks. All for the mighty dollar.
    • avatar
      Nato is an embarrassment to Europeans, tanks trundling around, Jets screaming overhead in war game fantasies. It all costs taxpayers a lot of money and still Daesh commits atrocities in any Nato country they choose at any time. Security? Nato? Pffft.
    • avatar
      ozcanerdonmezin reply toprofessor.hornblow(Show commentHide comment)

      The terrorist attacks may be Gladio-style false flag attacks.
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