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    Police and others gather at the emergency entrance to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, where several police officers were taken after shootings Thursday, July 7, 2016.

    'Nervous as Hell': Will Cleveland Survive Republican Convention Riots?

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    The head of the police union said that the city’s people are “sitting ducks” as rage over police shootings, the Dallas massacre, and Trump’s flippant racial appeals have the country on edge.

    In the wake of the Dallas massacre that left five officers dead and a dozen more wounded in retaliation for the unjustified and widely seen police murders of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota city officials in Cleveland are getting increasingly nervous about what the Republican Convention may bring to the city from July 18-21.

    "The Republican convention was going to be a powder keg all along. This just puts gasoline and dynamite and a match on top of all of that," Nina Turner, the minority whip of the Ohio Senate, told reporters Friday. "I’m nervous as hell about what’s going to happen in Cleveland."

    Many worry that the Cleveland powder keg may be more like a time bomb with the emergence of a new Black Panther Party and social media calls for a nationwide police purge to "kill all police" combined with a massive wave of outside protesters joined in the same melting pot by bikers, survivalists, and white supremacists supporting Donald Trump.

    The Cleveland Ohio police union has already issued warnings that "cops and convention goers are sitting ducks" expressing little confidence that they will be able to contain the pandemonium when an increasingly divided America sets foot in the same city limits.

    The police union president, Steve Loomis, blasted the mayor of Cleveland saying that he "just doesn’t get it" and added that "Command staff has arrogantly dismissed concerns of officials from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)."

    The situation appears so dire that the Cleveland has placed a request for officers around the country to assemble in the city to help provide security, but the police union insists that they have grave safety and security concerns for "rank and file officers" who may very well be the target of unrest. "I wouldn’t hold it against them if they decided to pull out" said the irate police union president to Breitbart news regarding officers Cleveland hopes to farm in for the convention.

    It is known from city records that dozens of groups plan to conduct mass protests in Cleveland ranging from social justice organizations to abortion groups on both side of the issue to white supremacists from California and finally Black Lives Matter protesters who are aggrieved by the growing scourge of police brutality and racial animus in America.

    Notably, the city denied the permit request for Al Sharpton’s planned protest in Cleveland citing security concerns, but also garnering ill-will from the many of peaceful protesters whose voice will be suppressed by the action – many of these individuals may ultimately protest without a permit risking arrest.

    The country now looks on at what has been created by virulent rhetoric, dismissing the needs of an oppressed population that only wants to be able to pursue their lives in peace without the threat of being on the wrong side of a police officer’s bullet, and an angered middle America who will not soon forget the innocent officers whose lives were prematurely cut short. Whether pain turns to tragedy and tragedy turns to horror will be seen in one week when the Republican Convention begins.


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    • goywhisperer
      You know what i want to say, but i cannot say it because the moderators will delete my comment because they do not appreciate free speech, even though it's true
    • support
      I was eighteen in 1968 and was witness to the Detroit riots of 1967 and 1968, and the Chicago riots at the Democratic convention. This police chief must be joking if he thinks what could happen could even remotely approach the level of violence which dominated those festivities.

      Maybe he needs to huddle down in his "safe place" along with Trigglypuff:


      If you are not prepared to pay the price if need be for the preservation of public order, please spare us the self-dramatising BS and hand your job over to someone who is, officer.
    • Theon Lyrealin reply togoywhisperer(Show commentHide comment)
      goywhisperer, The slave trade from Africa into the USA was run by Jews. Close enough?
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply toTheon Lyreal(Show commentHide comment)
      Theon Lyreal, the slave trade from Africa to the US was run by Jews? Really? Why is everything according to you, the fault of the Jews? Are you so bigoted that you can no longer tell fact from fantasy? How about a history lesson for you then, Theon, if you can accept the reality?

      The Arabs were the slave masters from who slave buyers from the Southern United States would purchase their captives. Arabs 'recruited' other Africans to capture entire villages as slaves - so black was taking black in Africa for the Arabs who would then sell them off to buyers from all over the known world, not just in America. And the Arabs had previously, until stopped by better defensive measures, invaded southern England and Europe taking white captives for their own use.

      Look up what a Jannisary was.

      Your comments are so full of half-truths and just plain ignorance that you should either desist in commenting at all or catch up on what you have missed out on real history before putting your opinions in comment form.
    • avatar
      tony p
      About time Americans start protesting with some vigour, they're like wimps compared to the French and Greeks.
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply togoywhisperer(Show commentHide comment)
      goywhisperer, only a brain in a closed steel trap, like your mind is, would think of things like that.
    • Selectric Typeball
      [dismissing the needs of an oppressed population that only wants to be able to pursue their lives in peace without the threat of being on the wrong side of a police officer’s bullet,]

      This is an INVERTED STATEMENT. Not sure how many people were on the "wrong side" of a Police Bullet, but take that number, and divide it by the Total Population of the USA, like 300 million.

      So, you get 3.33 x 10^-9 or about a 0.0000000000333% chance for each bullet.
      Nine leading zero's. Maybe YOU should be more worried about Lightning Strikes?
    • goywhispererin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, At least my brain still has the ability to think past the mainstream brainwashing, which is more than i can say for fools like yourself ready to give away your future or my childrens future based on a lie perpetrated by ignorant people like yourself!
    • goywhispererin reply totony p(Show commentHide comment)
      tony p, People, i would call them apes at best!
    • avatar
      Trump can offer a small amnesty to some.. THAT will settle things a bit. He right about LEGAL immigrants not liking illegals. They steal identity. And forge documents.
      And at some places get jobs to work for peanuts.
      The wall will be good, BUT many will have their jobs cut. Others will have their drug empire go down .And immigrants illegal crossing will be harder. BUT there will keep arriving.

      The REAL source of the problem is NOT lack of security. Nor an open border. Is much , much more than that. But yeah, the wall would help and the process for legal one's could be speed up a bit.

      Background checks? On those countries with KANGAROO COURTS? In U.S the KANGAROO courts are RAMPANT. Imagine in the countries they will arrive from.

      And the republican party netter be ready. MESS the TRUMP candidacy on BULL HORN, and watch the mess that will follow.
      Trump should keep tours on Washington. Talk soft with no explanations on what he will do and how he will do things. Or , unfortunately, Obama will try to implement all first.
      Time to begin working with teh party.
      Those who go against TRUMP BEWARE. They will be branded TRAITORS. The party is GIANT and there is NO WAY, to stop a candidate once it gets to teh party headquarters or is already a winner.
      Don't say no one said anything.
    • avatar
      Of course now that Hillary is officially running 2nd the perpetrators/planners of the JFK assassination just different people will want to have the show cancelled.
      That or worse might be a serious miscalculation on there part.

      The FBI might regret not being able to charge Hillary if this is a start of nationwide riots that turn into a full blown civil war would it not be smarter for Police to calm there officers down and prevent cop murder on the streets or is it just to deeply political rooted with officers perhaps with military and or intelligence background using this new tactic to take out selected members of the public???

      Strong leadership which does not exist is needed to reverse the madness that has become systematic and entrenched before this becomes way out of control.

      New legislation is urgently required making any unauthorized or verified illegal killing of a citizen a mandatory 30 years in prison including the act of shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. (if it is just a routine stop in some rare occasions not a known assailant or killer on the run)
    • avatar
      Nina Turner, the minority whip of the Ohio Senate, told reporters Friday. "I’m nervous as hell about what’s going to happen in Cleveland."
      That seems like an invitation to violence for me. I appreciate Sputnik showing me the nastiness of the so-called progressivism. The people who claim they are progressive are just violent radicals.
    • james
      dont go to these impending riots without carbon tape- it is taser proof. look it up on youtube and amazon.
    • avatar
      tony pin reply togoywhisperer(Show commentHide comment)
      goywhisperer, The great apes are very peaceful animals, how about we call them what they are ... Americans.
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply togoywhisperer(Show commentHide comment)
      goywhisperer, you're brain has become beholden to the NWO One World government as reflected in your own narrow world view. You offer nothing substantive for your stance just the typical Leftist rant that fits the collective narrative and that drives us all toward oblivion.
    • goywhispererin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, You basically said nothing with that remark, what do you stand for? what are you arguing with me over exactly? Oblivion is coming and disregarding your people/kin is what the new world order is all about! My heritage and culture is where i stand, dare the man who treads where my ancestors dwell!
    • goywhispererin reply totony p(Show commentHide comment)
      tony p, Amerikans, until they destroy the nation and create the hell in which their people had escaped!
    • goywhispererin reply tojames(Show commentHide comment)
      james, The tazers are just for the apes! They don;t have diciplin or manners because less than 1/3 of their daddy's was around! I don't think they know how to use tape...
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply togoywhisperer(Show commentHide comment)
      goywhisperer, like I have stated. Your view of the world is very narrow.
    • goywhispererin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, Narrow only when it does not coincide with your world view! Just do me a favor and live what you preach and maybe you will find the world does not conform to your ideology!
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