23:30 GMT05 March 2021
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    The man who once accused Ted Cruz’s father of conspiring to assassinate JFK has the evidence on his side for his latest claim against a presidential rival.

    On Saturday, Hillary Clinton was grilled by FBI officials for nearly four hours in what was initially viewed as lead up to a coming recommendation by the agency to indict the former Secretary of State for endangering American national security secrets through gross negligent and a nefarious bid to shield her data from federal Freedom of Information Act requirements.

    It came as much of a surprise to the world then when Donald Trump took to Twitter citing questionable mainstream media ‘sources’ to announce that "no charges will be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton."

    ​The hyperbolic billionaire real estate tycoon and reality television star who pole vaulted past the competition in the Republican Primary to become the single least popular presidential candidate in US history followed closely behind by Hillary Clinton who rates as the second worst politician since public opinion polling began in 1964 may be right in saying "the system is totally rigged!"

    The world looked on in horror and disgust as Bill Clinton once again flouted the rules that apply to mere citizens of the United States when he boarded Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s aircraft at the tarmac of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport despite being a focus of the very same investigation, which stretches beyond Hillary’s emails to include the entire Clinton Foundation, and who certainly would be a witness in any case against the former First Lady.

    The wanton act of tampering a federal law enforcement official and officer of the court was not missed by the press who immediately blasted the former President for acting as though he was above the law in aiming to court direct favor from the country’s lead prosecutor to prevent an indictment against his wife.

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch claimed that the two talked about the best ways to eliminate street crime in the United States and about their grandchildren arguing that the issue of a potentially pending indictment against Hillary Clinton only weeks before the Democratic National Convention never crossed either party’s minds.

    However, in what seemed to be an act of good faith, Loretta Lynch announced on Friday that she would “take a step back” from the investigation deferring in full to the recommendation of FBI Director James Comey after months of reports that the agency has been repeatedly stonewalled and intimidated by the Justice Department with DOJ attorneys even shielding key witnesses from answering questions posed by law enforcement.

    That was until a few hours later a spokesperson for the Department of Justice took a 'step back' from Loretta Lynch’s initial 'step back' saying that the country’s lead prosecutor would ultimately make the final decision on the case and would continue to receive regular reports from the FBI on the status of the investigation.

    For those who have followed the case at home with even a modest degree of attention it is becoming all too clear that a rural prosecutor in the backwoods of flyover country would have enough evidence to not only indict, but convict and imprison anybody who engaged in the acts of malfeasance that document releases establish that Hillary Clinton did.

    The former Secretary of State’s private "homebrew" server contained classified, secret, top secret, and even higher than top-secret “SCIF” or Secret Compartmentalized Information Facility data that actually would have had to have been physically and unlawfully dragged out of the secure facility in order to find its way on Hillary Clinton’s email system all but precluding any claim that the underlying illegal acts were unintentional.

    However, it got much worse with State Department officials repeatedly warning the former Secretary of State that there were repeated attempts to hack her email system and server until at one point Clinton’s aides actually physically disconnected the system in order to prevent a potential breach from disclosing even more national secrets to foreign hackers.

    This fits in line with the claims of notorious international hacker Guccifer who first exposed Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email and homebrew server system when he released documents that the former Secretary of State had sent to her confidante Sidney Blumenthal in developing the case to forcefully oust Muammar Gaddafi that ultimately turned Libya into a failed state.

    The country’s most vital national secrets, including the identities of at least 47 CIA personnel who were undercover conducting missions abroad were as Guccifer said, "an open orchid on the internet."

    It is hard to come to any other conclusion that the bombastic Donald Trump, the man who once wildly accused presidential opponent Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) father of conspiring to assassinate JFK, appears to be exactly right in saying that if Hillary Clinton is not indicted then the system is in fact totally rigged where the wealthy and the powerful play by different rules than everybody else.


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